Thursday, July 4, 2019

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Beautiful Honorary Tribute QOV Gets Quilted in time for Easter Weekend Award

Miss Betty & I were recently chosen to quilt this stunning Honorary Tribute Quilt of Valor, in Honor of a wonderful WW II Pilot:

WW II Air Force Pilot
And the Beautiful Honorary Quilt of Valor created and awarded in his honor:

Honorary Tribute QOV

Becker's Shooting Star quilting design w/Gold 'Grain Acres' quilting thread

This gorgeous QOV was awarded Easter weekend.  It was our honor and privilege to be chosen to quilt this Honorary Tribute Quilt of Valor...Thank YOU.

Hope EVERYONE had a Wonderful Easter!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Back to quilting QOVs...Welcome Spring!

Miss Betty & I have volunteered to quilt at least two (2) Quilts of Valor for the QOVF Volunteer Group - the Quilts Of Valor Stars Facebook Group, each month.  The wonderful advantage of participating in such an endeavor, besides getting to quilt for our Service Members and Veterans, is the privilege of quilting for the very talented quilt 'toppers' as we like to call them, from ALL over the country!  The diversity of quilt top designs is amazing, and we look forward to the arrival of each and every top with the anticipation of a Surprise gift ;-)

The first one arrived in March:

QOV #1
Becker's Shooting Star quilting design

Superior's Fantastico Grain Acres #5088 in the needle/Signature Silver in the bobbin

A stunning QOV destined to be awarded to a very special Veteran.

The second Quilt Of Valor quilt top & backing arrived in April perfectly pressed/pruned/squared complete w/backing and ALL ready to load and quilt:

QOV #2 - quilting up close

'Midnight' digital quilting design

Superior's Fantastico Grain Acres in the needle/Signature Silver in the bobbin - being married to a Commercial Grain farmer, I enjoy using these appropriately named quilting threads ;-)

Quilted out lovely

QOV #2

Another show-stopper, this one will be awarded to an unforgettable WW II Veteran.  

It has truly been an honor and a pleasure for Miss Betty & I to play a small role in helping to quilt these gorgeous Quilts of Valor...Thank YOU.

Spring is Here!

Our Star Flower tree in FULL bloom
Every day while walking to the quilting studio, was greeted with this gorgeous white glow of star flower blooms, towering almost 20' - took this photo from the second story deck of the studio!  The blooms on our Star Flower tree have been incredible this year and they've hung on longer than expected, especially with ALL the strong midwest winds we've been getting to enjoy this year...Welcome, Spring!

On to the next quilting adventure...Stay Tuned!


Saturday, February 23, 2019

Fun Quilting Finishes!

They're overdue but - what FUN playing quilting catch-up on these two!

The first is our youngest daughter, Jaclyn's "Sugar & Spice" Christmas quilt, now late Valentine's!  Since it's still plenty COLD here, she should be able to get some use out of it until Spring arrives ;-)

Sugar & Spice quilt top ALL ready to quilt!

Cookie Cutter e2e quilting

Quilting close-up

Chocolate brown minke backing

Backing and quilt top quilting

Sugar & Spice coming off the frame, ready for binding!
And next our Sunshin-ey yellow Easy/Peasy Lemon-Squeezy Memory quilt for a very special family member in remembrance of her dear Grandmother.

Easy/Peasy Lemon-Squeezy Memory Quilt

Hummingbird quilting - up close

Quilting w/border
Easy/Peasy Lemon-Squeezy quilt coming off the frame

Time to bind & label!


Monday, December 31, 2018

New Year's Catch-Up on Good Fortune! Mystery

We're up to Clue #6 of our Bonnie Hunter Good Fortune! Mystery - the reveal is getting closer ;-)

Clue #6 - Check!

And Clue #5 got finished earlier and on time, just had NO time to write a blog post w/pics during the holidays, so here you go!

We had LOTS of food stuffs to make and indulge:

Christmas Star Cookies

Peanut Butter fudge

Cranberry/Cinnamon bread
Christmas presents:

All kinds of goodies for one of our Christmas quilty friends, Doris

Chain piecing Clue #5

Finished - Clue #5:

Cutest so far of ALL our Clues, me thinks ;-)
And Clue #4 is STILL waiting in the wings to be finished up...soon...

Clue #4 on deck, ready to be finished up later this evening!

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Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Good Fortune! - Clue #3

Lots of personal family 'things' to take care of prior to getting to Clue #3, but was able to finish up just this Wednesday Morning ;-)

Good Fortune! Clue #3

Chain piecing works wonders while trying to get these units finished up in a hurry!

Chain piecing the green/neutral half-Chevrons

And the Bonus HSTs:

Half-square triangles/HSTs - notice the Christmas trees ;-)

Trimming creates these units, after carefully stitching - it's a beautiful thing!

All ready to trim, creating those 'Bonus HSTs'

Clue #3 is trimmed/pressed and all carefully put away, along w/previous clues, until Bonnie's BIG Reveal!

Clues #1, 2 & 3
Back to Holiday organizing...


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Monday, December 3, 2018

Clue #2 - Love the Blue ;-)

And we're off to Clue #2 of the Good Fortune! Mystery - which includes LOTS of it!

My 'blue' choices are wide and varied, including at least one Holiday selection, in honor of this Holiday season:

Clue #2 of the Bonnie Hunter Mystery - Good Fortune!

Sewing these HSTs together in chain formation was Fast & FUN!  My idea of a good sewing session:

Chain sewing the HST units 'my way' ;-)

ALL the HST units have now been sewn together and pressed, just need to finish cutting them.  Stopped for a bit to work on a special Christmas quilt on honor and Memory of Stan Lee/Marvel:

Marvel quilt in Memory and Honor of Stan Lee

Prior to Clue #2 being released on Friday, my baby brother, Monty passed away suddenly, after secondary complications from emergency abdominal surgery on the previous Tuesday...We will miss him dearly.

My baby bro, Monty - pictured w/family members on a recent trip

Our family will celebrate my brother, Monty's life and spread his ashes at 4:20 pm, per his request, this upcoming Saturday.  This quilter did NOT know/understand the significance of the "4:20 pm" designation - just goes to show, you can learn something at anytime in one's life.  I'm sure he's getting a chuckle out of his final request, I know I did ;-)

UPDATE:  I've decided this Good Fortune! Mystery quilt will be a Tribute quilt to my baby brother, Monty...Back to cutting!

ALL cut/pressed & trimmed:

And the Marvel quilt top is complete and ready to quilt:

Christmas Marvel quilt ready to be quilted

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