Wednesday, August 9, 2017

What's UP Wednesday?!

We started something similar to this on a recent online group and had quite a bit of FUN with it soooo, thought I'd continue on here, just to share a 'few' things Miss Betty & I have been up to lately.  Soooo, here we go!

It's been a very busy summer!  Between dodging thunderstorms and weeding and mowing when it's NOT raining and storming - even lost one of my primary notebooks during one of our recent lightning storms, managed to get a few projects started and even finished.

First is a patriotic quilt top one of our Volunteer Members of our East Central IL QOV Group, Doris, started the interior, we added borders and readied for quilting:

A Doris original - ready to be quilted into a QOV!

This 'surprise' quilt is currently on the frame, almost finished!  This is a wedding/anniversary quilt for a very special bride & groom...and it's a Surprise!  So, you won't get to see the BIG reveal until 'after' it's been presented ;-)

Just a 'peak' of this Surprise quilt ;-)

Once this quilt is off the frame, a very special T-shirt quilt will take its place asap, since the intended starts college in less than 2 weeks...yikes!

LOTS of piecing of quilt tops and Mystery Quilt(s) are currently in various stages of progress:

Marathon of strip-piecing

ALL the piecing paid off...

Enough blocks and panels to create at least TEN (10) patriotic quilts for our Vets!

...and a few embroidered Eagle blocks thrown in for good measure ;-)

We need a few more to begin assembly!

Plenty of quilt tops are ready and awaiting to be ALL bordered out - here's a few we are working on:

Borders cut for nine (9) quilt tops, three (3) borders per top = 27 borders!

And the final clue to this Patriotic Mystery has just been released!

Patriotic Mystery ready to be finished - hopefully over the weekend...

Time to sew & quilt!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July from the Kingdom!

Enjoy the Fireworks:

Be Safe and Have FUN Celebrating America's 241st Birthday!

Monday, June 26, 2017

It was a Good Day!

It's a Good Day when I get to quilt and embroider and sew - ALL in the same day!

First the quilting:

Another QOV coming off the frame

This quilt just quilted out beautifully - maybe it's because I'm getting comfortable w/E2E quilting with a computer, I don't know but, I do know - another QOV quilted without nary a hitch ;-)

A close-up of this quilting w/Gold Glide thread in the needle:

Stars & Bars quilted out in Gold

and the back in Silver:

Quilting pattern shows up even better on the back in Silver bobbin thread

Once the quilting was finished, time to embroider our East Central IL QOV Group's quilt badge:

Embroidering our East Central IL QOV quilt badge

Just nine (9) more to go for the current batch of Quilts of Valor we now have ready for quilt labelling!

East Central IL QOV quilt badge -
one goes on EACH one of our Group's QOVs

Once the binding is complete, will be time to start sewing on quilt badges and labels.  Time to get back to it!


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Quilting a Special Patriotic Denim Quilt of Valor

This one may go to a very special IRAQ Veteran nominated by my youngest daughter, Jaclyn.  It quilted out great!

Denim Patriotic QOV coming off the frame
The fabric used in this border is one of my favorites!

Neat Patriotic denim border fabric

And didn't it quilt out great?

Quilting out this wonderful Stars & Stripes quilting design

Even the back looks good - this is also one of my very favorite quilting designs!

Quilting back - up close
And one last look:

Quilted and trimmed - ALL ready for binding!

Now that the quilting and trimming are complete - Time to Bind...


Friday, May 5, 2017

Quilting During the 2017 Spring Flood!

What else can you do when surrounded by water - quilt, of course!  'Miss Betty & I' have been busy trying to get ALL caught up in time for ALL the May festivities.  And we've made a fairly good dent on our accumulated quilts.

This is our latest Finish!

QOV to be awarded to a very special Navy Veteran

Getting ready to quilt!

Isn't this a neat quilt?  This is one of Alycia's Patriotic Mysteries

Becker's Shooting Star Panto w/Gold thread really works on this quilt!

Weather and 'other' challenges have tried to slow us down from time to time BUT, we're committed to getting to the quilting finish line, even during a major area flood!

UPDATE 5/5/2017 - Flood stages have been updated to include latest rainfall.  Currently at 25.4' and projected to go to 26.1' by Midnight, when we are expecting MORE rain!  Flood stage is 14.0' - we will be more than 12.0'+ over that:

High ground flooding of one of our fields across from my quilting studio,
taken from second level studio window
And seep water has even reached our home - you may not be able to tell it but, there's a frog  in the lower right-hand corner of this pic, swimming in the water underneath our house!

Water under our house in the crawl space -
so much for previously installed sump pump!
In the meantime, we have quilts to bind!

Binding a QOV

First side is 'almost' sewn...

Just two more to go to finish up for today!

Stay High & Dry EVERYONE!  ( my quilting friend, Julia recommended to me earlier ;-)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Quilting, Quilting and even MORE Quilting! w/Updates

Miss Betty & I have been having soooo much FUN quilting, we kinda forgot to post...ooops!

Miss Betty & I have been busy...QUILTING!  10+ and counting!!

So, without further ado - here's a min-quilt show for you ;-)

Doris's Patriotic Quilt #1 - a TEAM effort!
Doris - one of our East Central IL Volunteers, generously creates the 'interior' of many of our patriotic quilts, we add blocks & borders to bring them up to 'required' sizing, quilt/bind/label.

Here's a close-up of some of our patriotic quilting:

Becker's Star panto w/Rainbows Patriotic machine quilting thread

Patriotic Quilt #2 - originated w/'our Doris':

Isn't this a colorful quilt?

Check out some of these wonderful patriotic fabrics Doris chose for this neat quilt:

Such a great assembly of Americana fabrics

Doris Patriotic Quilt #3:

One of our very favs - love how this quilted out!

Star E2E w/Superior's Fantastico Grain Acres - gorgeous Gold highlights

Doris Patriotic Quilt #4:

Patriotic fabrics and strips make this an eye-catching favorite!

More close-ups of the quilting:

Quilting back of Feathered Star quilting
Quilted using Premo-Soft Honey Gold in needle, Signature gray/silver in bobbin

Alrighty then - Doris's Patriotic quilt #5 is on the frame waiting.  Had a few family challenges to address this past week, or we'd probably be farther along quilting ALL of our Doris's March Quilts.  Now that things have settled down a bit - can get back to one of our favorite things to do...Quilting! 

UPDATE 4/15/2017 - Patriotic Quilt #5 of Doris's gets ALL quilted:

Quilting out w/Superior's Grain Acres GOLD thread
brings emphasis to the Star quilting

Close-up of Star Spangled Delight panto

Close-up of backing w/quilting

Finished quilting and coming off the frame...Next!

UPDATE 4/16/2017 -  Doris QOV #6:

Coming off the frame...

Close-up of quilting and some gorgeous Star fabric - Thanks, Lisa!

One of my fellow quilting friends, Alycia, claims that her fabrics 'talk to her'.  I swear, not only does Miss Betty 'tap her foot' but, I think I hear her YELLING my name!  Time to get busy gettin', as Niecy likes to say...;-)


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Miss Betty Gets to Quilt!...w/Updates

After several stops and starts and flu and then another nasty cold, Miss Betty & I got to spend some quality time recently, doing one of the things we like to do best...QUILT!

Our latest in our round of quilting, this stunning Quilt of Valor:

Quilts of Valor Star Group QOV
This gorgeous Quilt of Valor comes to us from those wonderful Quilts of Valor Stars Group volunteers - don't they do amazing work?!

We added borders, backing and quilting.  This is one of several we received from them - you may remember the Pearl Harbor QOV.  One has already been awarded to a very deserving Service Member, the other will be awarded during our 2017 Veteran's Day Celebrations.  This colorful naval Quilt of Valor may just be our favorite - turned out wonderfully well, especially since it's the first to be quilted by Miss Betty after her recent tumultuous update ;-)  And I think I even recognized a star block or two while quilting, that we sent in!

Once bound and labeled, this particular Quilt of Valor will be shipped back to the Quilts of Valor Stars group to be awarded, since they generously helped us out with QOV quilt tops, when we recently got behind AND as a result of us sending in multiple Star blocks that go into a QOV quilt top drawing, which we lucked out and WON!

A close-up of some of the quilting:

Gotta love those Stars & Strips!

Naturally, we couldn't resist adding some of our McTavishing, especially since these Star borders were added just for this quilting purpose:

Quilting the Stars border

And the back even looks good:

Next came this lovely Quilt of Valor, and another Miss Betty & I enjoyed quilting Becker's Stars in silver:

Miss Betty quilting away...

And this completed Quilt of Valor coming off the frame:

Quilt of Valor #23 for 2017 coming off the frame!

Soon - we will need to have a binding party to start getting some of the Quilts of Valor bound and labeled.  For now, we're off to the quilting machine to quilt another one!