Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Toss-Up Tuesday...

Been adding borders to various quilts while waiting for the current wave of Spring storms to pass so I can get back to quilting on Betty again.  Here's a nice sun-shiney quilt I've wanted to quilt as a 'summer' quilt for one of our guest bedrooms:

'Summer' quilt top w/newly added sunshine yellow border - ready to be quilted
This quilt is begging for feathers in ALL those red squares:

Red center squares and red alternating blocks w/triangles should get some 'feathering'

...along w/borders should proved ample room for plenty of various feather quilting:

Blocks & Borders provide plenty of feathering real estate

And, was also able to finally finish up some pillow cases I had promised to some online quilting friends over at QFC.  Hopefully, once these storms pass, can get them in the mail on Wednesday so they'll have them in time for Easter ;-)

3 children's pillow cases destined for Easter...
For now, time for some shut-eye while it's no longer thundering!


PS...want to see some Quilt of Valor quilt tops that just got borders added to them, too?  Follow this direct link:  http://eastcentralilqov.blogspot.com/2014/04/borders-and-bindings-for-qovs.html

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Starting April off right w/some FUN quilting techniques on a QOV

A different quilting approach seemed in order for this particular Quilt of Valor:
First quilting pass - lookin' good so far
Ruler work, McTavishing, and a Star Spangled Delight digital panto from urbanelementz.com, sized to 8.3" is working great.  My first panto pass is never my best but...it's pretty good on this one.

Star Spangled Delight panto - first pass
Ruler Work in striped border:

Ruler work in striped Liberty border w/McTavishing in red solid borders
Side border w/McTavishing
McTavishing red side border
Superior's Rainbows Patriotic thread really shows up great in the red borders w/McTavish quilting, doesn't it?

Haven't made a final quilting decision on what to do in the white perimeter borders yet, still pondering.  I'm thinkin' I'll just do them altogether after I've finished up everything else.  Surely the quilt or quilting will let me know what needs to be in there by then ;-).

To see how this one got pieced, follow this link:  http://eastcentralilqov.blogspot.com/2014/04/putting-together-special-quilt-of-valor.html 

Well, if it wasn't storming...again...I'd go back to quilting!  Just gettin' started when the latest storm decided to blow in early...Oh well, I've got some quilt blocks to finish.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Quilting a Log Cabin QOV w/Updates...

Made some fairly good progress on one of the most recent Quilts of Valor I received from Clairellen and those Quirky Quilters in Michigan:

McTavishing in the deep blue borders w/spikey flourished feathers throughout the logs
More freehand McTavishing in the upper border
Spikey flourished feathers w/McTavishing

Using one of my very favorite threads to quilt - LAVA Diamond Head, and it is quilting up beautifully!

I chose to take a queue from some of the blue log cabin fabrics, which had a swirl flourish motif - seems to be working out well and a bonus, it's FUN to do!

Jamie Wallen swirl technique

Welcome Back, Baxter - you dawg! ;-)
One of our wayward golden bears/retrievers decided to go on a 'Spring Fling' as one of my neighbors referred to his recent antics, for almost a week!  Whatever it was, we're glad he's back!

Now that I no longer have to spend my time driving up and down our country roads searching for my golden bear, I've been able to make more quilting headway!  I'm about halfway through this awesome Log Cabin QOV that 'Terri' did such an amazing job of piecing - hope to be all finished up by week's end.  I'll post updates when I finish and now...time to get back to the FUN!

UPDATE 3/20/2014:  Finished and ready to ship!

Patriotic Log Cabin QOV coming off the frame
McTavished side border up close

Spikey feather quilting w/swirl accents up close


Aren't these spikey feathers w/swirls neat?
And they match the eagle feathers in the center motif

Love the texture created w/feathering & McTavishing!
Patriotic Log Cabin QOV Stats:
Another real honor to have been chosen to quilt this amazing Patriotic Log Cabin Quilt of Valor - Thank YOU for the opportunity, a true pleasure!


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Finishing up QOV Quilt Tops on National Quilt Day 2014

Been needing to tie up a few loose ends and FINISH a few things in my quilting studio.  First on the Quilt To Do List - add borders to several of the jelly roll quilt tops we started constructing on National Quilts of Valor Sew Day on February 1, 2014.  Here's the start of those borders:

Sewing yards & yards of fabric strips to create borders for jelly roll QOVs
When all the bias seams are finished, time to attach to each side of the quilt top:
Attaching pieced border strip to quilt top - right sides together ;-)

Notice the bias seam that joins the two different border fabrics together has been pressed open to reduce bulk in the seam allowance and for ease in quilting.

'CAMO' QOV quilt top getting it's borders...
Here are some of the finished Quilts of Valor jelly roll quilt tops w/borders, pressed and all ready to be quilted:

CAMO Quilt Of Valor w/borders - ready to go onto the frame to be quilted

Patriotic jelly roll QOV tops w/borders:
Patriotic jelly roll QOV #1 w/outside blue border
Patriotic jelly roll QOV #2 w/outside red border
We now have four (4) Quilt of Valor jelly roll quilt tops ALL ready to go to the frame and get quilted - you'll remember our original top created to demonstrate what a jelly roll Quilt of Valor would look like and how to do it for our National QOV Sew Day:

Red/White/Blue jelly roll Quilt of Valor w/borders

I've been contemplating adding a giant embroidered eagle emblem to the center of this quilt top, still working out those details.  Probably won't add it until 'after' it's completely quilted - I'll keep you posted!

In the meantime, looks like it's time for yours truly to head off to the quilting frame on National Quilt Day...;-)

Happy Quilting!

PS...Want to see some amazing quilt 'eye candy'?  Take a virtual National Quilt Day Tour of quilts: at the largest quilt and fiber art museum in the world, The National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Ky.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wacky Wednesday - back again!

Lots going on, so we'll get right to it!  First, been working on getting some of my First Ladies BOM blocks completed, here are a couple:

One of the First Ladies BOMs blocks just getting completed

First Ladies Block - Rosalynn Carter

Another of the First Ladies completed BOM block

Most of my BOMs, including ALL of my Civil War BOMs to date, come from the fatquartershop.com.  And in a word, AWESOME!  I love their line of products, exceptional customer service, and timely shipping. 


Received my new-to-me Singer Spartan for Valentine's, just now getting it out to take for a spin:

Singer SPARTAN sewing machine - in wonderful condition
Used it to finish piecing the Moda Robert Kaufman batik jelly roll strips:

I purchased two of these jelly rolls awhile back and you may remember, used one of them to create a Hurricane Sandy quilt, Serenity, which I loved soooo much, decided to make another one 'similar' to that one.

Received a box FULL of quilts from a very special online quilting buddy 'Katie' of Katie and Kwilts destined for some important charitable works in the very near future - Thank YOU, Katie (and Mickey ;-):

And last but certainly not least, FINALLY found my Anniversary car after searching for over a month, and drove him home recently:
2014 Cadillac SRX - one sweet ride!
Now, I have absolutely NO excuse why I cannot leave my driveway when the next MidWest winter storm decides to show up!

For now, time to get back to the FUN...

Friday, February 21, 2014

Quilting a 9-Patch QOV w/Updates

Another really neat Quilt of Valor has come up in my quilting queue via Clairellen of those Quirky Quilters in Michigan, and the piecing is exquisite:

Cynthia's 9-patch Quilt of Valor - gorgeous!
While commenting to Clairellen what a joy this quilt was to SID, she replied back to me that this quilt's creator, Cynthia, is a phenomenal quilter, and her applique quilting is award winning.  A picture was worth a million words - Oh My!  To say this quilter is a Phenomenal Applique Quilt Artist, would certainly be an understatement.  If I can get permission to share a pic of one of her award winning quilts, I will - the one I saw was jaw-dropping!

Course, I gulped a bit, now knowing who I was quilting for.  I always try to do my very best but, now I know I definitely need to stay on top of my quilting game for this quilter ;-)

So glad I chose to take a break from my traditional quilting and do some focus work w/templates - it's perfect for this quilt and complements ALL the precision piecing so nicely: 

Creating 'orange peel' quilting design in each corner square w/HQ circle template

After ALL the SID work was completed, time to begin the FUN quilting:

First 2 corners quilted prior to quilting remainder of the star

I got the idea of how to quilt this neat 9-patch from Professional Quilt Artist, Deloa Jones, watching one of her many youtube.com videos late one night:

I thought this was an ingenious method for quilting a 9-patch, and how appropriate for a Quilt of Valor since the secondary design is a star!  After spending a bit of time gathering just the right templates to give me those perfect stitching lines, I was on my way!

Tweaked the center motif to create a secondary star motif using HQ half circle template
Isn't that neat?
Using a Pro-Echo Large template from Stonehouse Quilting to create the continuous star angles/points
An outside star w/center star motif - love it!
I'm adding X's in each red cornerstone square, which should complement nicely the double zig-zag pattern that will be added to each white sashing strip.  I'm saving the red borders for last - they'll be a nice surprise I think, that should give that extra pizzazz to this really great quilt.

UPDATE 3/5/2014 - finally able to add the additional photos of this finished quilt:

Getting ready for white sashing quilting

Corner 9-patch block w/border & sashing quilting

All finished and ready to be packed and shipped!

This Quilt of Valor quilt was a true pleasure and honor to quilt - got some great practicing in on my template quilting - Thank YOU!

According to tracking information, this quilt has arrived safe and sound, ready to be bound and labeled...

Alrighty then, like I always say...time to get back to it!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Quilting a 3-D Quilt of Valor w/Updates...

This amazing Quilt of Valor, created by 'Irene', comes to me, once again as a special request from a previous QOV Team Partner, Clairellen and the Quirky Quilters Guild from Michigan: 

Irene's 3-D Quilt of Valor quilt top - ready to be quilted
And FINALLY I am able to post quilting pics of this really inspiring quilt:

SOAR Eagle circular element

McTavishing and swirls around the 3-D Stars
Eagle w/McTavishing and swirls in backgrounds

Using my laser w/Soar Elements made this quilting challenge so much more FUN!

Using laser w/SOAR element on Pattern port from Bayside Quilting
Stitching the quilting design w/laser and SOAR eagle pattern element
Different SOAR Eagle Elements w/McTavishing
The 3 exterior borders are also utilizing the SOAR Grande pantograph.  Once I finish those up and take pics, I'll update this post prior to shipping.

3-D Quilt of Valor Stats:
UPDATE 2/19/2014:  It's FINISHED!!!  I can hardly believe I am FINALLY able to write those words.  This QOV has been camped out at my quilting studio FOREVER!  Between ALL the MidWest winter storms we keep having, fuel rationing for heating as a result of said storms, snow/ice covered steps to said studio, this frame quilting nut didn't think she was EVER going to be able to finish but...Finished it is!

Here are a few quick pics I snapped prior to getting this gorgeous hunk of quilt ready for shipping - enjoy!:

Red 3-D star w/McTavishing
Center SOAR Eagle Medallion

Flannel Backing - no skipped stitches, I'm happy to say!
SOAR Eagle Motif

3-D Quilt of Valor coming off frame
It has been a true honor and pleasure for me to quilt this awesome Quilt of Valor.  I was more than happy to see it arrive, and even happier to see it finished and ready to leave ;-).

UPDATE 2/24/2014:  Just got word from the creator, Irene, of this amazing QOV - it has arrived safe & sound, ALL ready for binding and it's Quilt of Valor label!  Thank YOU, Irene - 'we' did a good thing ;-)

For now, time to get back to the FUN...