Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Progress on the 'Fab Five' quilt for the DGD

Behind the scenes, been working on the Fab Five quilt for our super-special DGD, Jade.

Fab Five - Queen size!
The coordinating fabrics are lush and wonderful and play so nicely together!  You may remember the Dr. Who quilt we created a few years ago for same DGD.  Now that she's gotten older and wiser, ;-), time for something a little more mature.  However, I don't see the Dr. Who going anywhere anytime soon!  (After this posting was published, I was reminded by a family member that the Dr. Who quilt was just created last January, 2014 - my how time flies! ;-)

Already made the drapes from the awesome fabrics in the center of this block:

9 picture frame blocks complete
Time to finish piecing the alternating 'filler blocks':

Sewing the four-patch units
Chain piecing the 4-patch units together - only 24 left to go!

Time to get back to it...Later,

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Another Very Special QOV coming off the frame...

This Quilt of Valor has some very special meaning and symbolic symbolism behind it.  But first, to go back to how it all began.  My DGD & I were checking out at a local convenience store when the friendly smiling checker asked us what we were up to, since we were purchasing ALL kinds of patriotic decorations for an upcoming QOV Event.  We shared a little bit about our Quilts of Valor Mission and she immediately asked if her son, and IRAQI Veteran, would be eligible to be nominated for a Quilt of Valor and of course we answered YES!

Cross & Crown Quilt of Valor coming off the frame
We shared with Bobbie how she could nominate her Illinois Veteran son for a QOV, (and she also has another son who resides in Indiana who is also a Veteran, whom she nominated).  A few days later, I received a phone call, letting me know that she had some fabrics she'd like to donate to our Group and if there were any that could possibly be used to create a special QOV for her son.

She mentioned that even though most of the fabrics were not patriotic in nature, her son would prefer a quilt in some of the colors of her fabrics, if possible.  And, since he was becoming an ordained Minister, could we incorporate something along those lines that would correlate to his new profession.  Understandably, we get these requests from time to time.  We are here to serve, honor and cover our Service Members and Veterans with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor.

And that's what we did!  Didn't our toppers, Helen and Dorothy, do a wonderful job creating this Quilt of Valor out of Bobbie's fabrics:

Just look at those nice, sharp points!

Looks like everything is lining up nicely

We chose the Baptist Fan quilting design, which seemed to suit this special Quilt of Valor

Close-up of Baptist Fan quilting turned out great
All that's left is the binding and the labeling and this Quilt of Valor will be all ready to award.

East Central Illinois Quilts of Valor will be awarding this QOV on Monday, July 13, 2015 @ 2:00 pm (CST) at the Marshall Public Library in Marshall, IL...EVERYONE Welcome!

Once again...time to bind ;-)

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Denim & Gold Quilt of Valor coming off the frame...

Been working on this Denim & Gold Quilt of Valor for a few days now, just took it off the frame:

Denim & Gold QOV coming off the frame
This striking QOV was wonderful to quilt, especially those nice, lush borders:

Denim Gold quilting thread used to McTavish this Navy Blue border

Jamie Wallen's continuous Firecracker swirls in the Red borders, 
Angela Walters' Toothpick quilting in the Pledge of Allegiance borders, 
and of course, another of my favorites - 
McTavishing quilting w/Denim Gold thread in the Navy Blue borders

And then there's the back - always LOVE looking at those backs, don't you?

But probably the most interesting part of this patriotic Quilt of Valor and where it got its name, the main interior with its Denim & Gold displayed proudly with our American Flag:

Hope you ALL had a wonderful & safe 4th of July - time to bind!


Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th Everyone!

Happy 4th of July EVERYONE!  Stay safe while celebrating our Independence Day w/Family & Friends...


Friday, June 26, 2015

Magic 8's work Great for HSTs!

Not long ago, I stumbled across this ingenious Magic 8 method of creating HSTs (Half-Square Triangles) and knew immediately I had to try it out in a special quilt I've been working on... and it worked wonderfully well:

Eight HSTs cut from two giant squares of fabric after being sewn together
Created from two giant squares of fabric sewn right sides together diagonally, corner-to-corner:

Two squares of fabric sewn diagonally, corner to corner 1/4" from both sides of the drawn lines
And the HSTs reveal:

All pressed and ready for those 'dog ears' to be trimmed
Try this method out the next time you need a bunch of HSTs in a hurry - works great and LOTS of FUN, too ;-)

Time to get back to trimming those dog ears - just 78 left to go!


Friday, June 12, 2015

Packing up for a QOV Sew-IN...just about finished!

Each month we pack-up ALL our sewing/quilting must-haves for our East Central IL QOV meeting. This time, we're packing to go sew Quilts of Valor with a sister guild in our area...what FUN!

So while it's primarily the same type of packing, when one goes 'visiting', we need to pack a few extra sewing/quilting goodies:

QOV Signature Blocks w/pigma pens
Our trademark Patriotic jelly roll! w/surprises peaking out to go with ;-)
Of course, NO sewing day would be complete without this main ingredient:

Our featherweight friend
Some much needed threads:

Some of our favorite threads
And ALL our sewing/quilting/cutting necessities:

Sewing/quilting packing just about finished - I'm sure we'll find something 'last minute' that must go but for now, just as soon as this latest storm passes, we're ready to load the car!
We still have to make final decisions on munchies but, think we've got that down to 2 choices...

We'll be sure and share the FUN, once we get some of those pics.

UPDATE 7/14/2015:  As promised, LOTS of neat pics from this recent QOV Sew-IN - a HUGE Success as a result of ALL the hard work and efforts by the Robinson, IL, Crawford County QOV Quilting Group:

Two very proud quilters of their 'almost finished' Quilt of Valor Quilt top -
as well they should be, isn't it gorgeous?!
Another door prize winner
Laying out the block rows of a Quilt of Valor Top

Sewers/Quilters busily sewing their QOV quilt tops - 50+ sewing Teams registered to sew together and create Quilts of Valor.  As a result, almost 60 Quilts of Valor will be created and Awarded during the Veteran's Day celebration in 2015
Another very proud quilter shares one of her completed QOV quilt blocks
What a beautiful smile ;-)
Our next generation sewing her gorgeous QOV quilt blocks

Two more happy door prize winners:

Isn't this eye-catching.  One of our Service Members or Veterans will surely be
more than proud to receive this wonderful Quilt of Valor...
Thank YOU, for all your quilting efforts!
And I almost forget - look what yours truly got to take home and show off to 'Miss Betty':

A taste of Crawford County - Thank YOU, Becky & Crawford County QOV Quilters!

What are some of your 'Must Haves' on a quilting/sewing retreat?  We'd love to hear and see some of your great pack & take tips!


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Patriotic QOV on the frame...w/Updates

Just got this Quilt of Valor loaded this eve - having a blast quilting it already:

Patriotic Quilt of Valor getting the STAR quilting treatment ;-)

Good 'ol Dave Hudson and his Random Star Panto - what a great quilting treasure:

My 'Go To' Star Panto - LOVE it!
Combined with another favorite for border quilting to provide movement and LOTS of eye candy:

McTavishing in the Flag border
McTavish and Star quilting really stand out with King Tut Freedom quilting thread and such FUN to quilt out with it, too!

UPDATE 6/1/2015 - First QOV finish for June:

Quilting up close

First Quilt of Valor for June coming off the frame - just 4 more to go!
Break-ey time is over, time to get back to the quilting...