Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Catching up on Quilting for our Veterans

Been a busy few weeks, including catching up on our quilting for our Veterans.  These are our latest endeavors - including piecing and quilting various QOVs:

Doris's Quilt Of Valor comes off the frame

...and a recent panel challenge from the QOV Stars Group:

QOV Stars Panel Challenge

Our version of the Split Back Star lay-out, borrowing from one of 's patterns, the Circle of Honor...Thanks, Lisa!

Split Back Star QOV

Aren't these some great fabrics for this quilt?

Added borders to another of our Doris's quilt tops to get it to the required size for a Quilt of Valor:

Sewing on the very last border

Borders up close

Borders complete and ALL ready to quilt!

Once all these quilt tops are quilted/bound/labeled later this year, they will be awarded to area Veterans and Service Members.

Time to quilt!


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

EQ8 Chicago Star Block Challenge

Jenny of EQ recently posted a June EQ8 Block Spotlight Challenge featuring the Chicago Star.  Being a native Illinoisan, I couldn't resist this challenge and designed not one but two quilts with this block, and I can see endless possibilities w/various colorways and block setting options, I really like this Star block!

This is my second attempt:

Chicago Star - recolored
This is the Chicago Star block I used:

Chicago Star block w/HSTs in corner stones

My first attempt was posted on our sister blog over at East Central IL QOV, but we'll give you a sneak peak:

Chicago Star - Traditional setting

This was a lot of FUN and something I will definitely continue to explore and challenge myself to explore and expand my quilt design capabilities...Thanks, Jenny! 

I have had previous versions of Electric Quilt - EQ8 is by far my very favorite!  In the short time I've had it, I've already designed more quilts in less time than I did w/previous versions combined!!

Back to exploring alternate design possibilities w/Chicago Star...;-)


Monday, May 28, 2018

What is Memorial Day?

In Memory of those Whom Have Fallen:

We Will Never Forget.

Have a Safe Memorial Day w/Family & Friends.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Circles of Life

Sometimes, a quilt just has to be designed and created to deliver a very special 'quilty' hug - the kind of hug that ONLY a quilt can give.

"Circles of Life" is just such a quilt:

Circles of Life quilt coming off the frame

Circles of Life was inspired by a very dear family friend in need of a quilty 'HUG', coupled with a colorful Moda jelly roll - which brought to mind our dear family friend, Ashley.

Moda jelly roll

Combined w/additional Kaffe Fassett fabrics from a previous wedding quilt project, this quilt became exactly what we were hoping for!

With strips and circles, along with a Circle of Life quilt design, we think we accomplished what we set out to do - a colorful 'quilty' hug, designed and created especially for our dear family friend.

Photo timeline continues:

Sewing these colorful strips together

Strips all sewn together - time for borders!

Time for some Circles:

Cutting circles is easy & FUN w/AccuQuilt GO! circle dies:

Time to applique those circles in place:

Using the small applique stitch w/coordinating cotton threads 
to ensure the circles are securely attached to the quilt top

Once all the circles are attached, time to quilt!

Quilting the "Circles of Life" w/Circle of Life quilting design;-)

After this quilt was completely quilted, time for binding:

Ashley's "Circles of Life" quilted/bound/labeled and ALL ready for Hugs!

Ashley's "Circle of Life" quilt has reported for duty and we're happy to learn, fulfilling it's 'quilty hug' job duties...Enjoy!

Happy April - snow and ALL ;-)

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Patriotic Mystery Gets Quilted!

Another Patriotic Mystery gets quilted into a Quilt of Valor:

Circle of Honor Mystery coming off the frame

Quilted with Gold thread in the needle, Silver for the back:

Close-up of quilting

Used Becker's Shooting Star Digital panto to quilt this amazing Mystery aptly named Circle of Honor,

...available through my Quilty friend, Lisa's Online Quilt Shop

Time to bind and label!


Monday, February 5, 2018

A Quilt of Valor is Born!

A little more than 36+ hours ago, this Quilt of Valor had not even been conceived!

36+ hours later, a Quilt of Valor is Born!

That was 'until', my latest shipment from my Quilty friend, Lisa - who owns & operates her online quilt shop,, arrived. Lisa decided to surprise me with this beautiful Eagle panel.  Thanks, Lisa!:

Eagle panel auditioning w/Evening Star quilt blocks
Our East Central IL QOV Group had been working on the Evening Star quilt blocks earlier in the week, in preparation for our annual QOV National Sew Day.  Once I opened the shipping box and saw the enclosed eagle panel, I noticed the colors in the panel were virtually identical to those in the star blocks we'd completed - it was obviously meant to be for these two to be matched up.

The seeds of inspiration had been planted, thanks to Lisa and her generous gift, and we were off to the sewing machine to get busy sewing our QOV idea into a Quilt of Valor.

Adding the very last exterior border

We are very pleased with how well this Quilt of Valor turned out.  And even though we didn't use a pattern per se, we will be utilizing this design to create additional QOV panel quilts in our future, since we have three (3) Purple Heart Veterans who are scheduled to be awarded their Quilts of Valor later this year, along with this one.  Still pondering the final quilt design but fairly certain it will include some Gold quilting thread ;-).

For now, time for some shut-eye...