Sunday, November 11, 2018

We Remember - Veteran's Day Today, Armistice Day 100 Years Ago

In Memory of those who fell:

Because of those who sacrificed their ALL, so we may enjoy the very Freedoms we have Today...

Thank YOU.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Borders, Binding, Mysteries,'s complicated ;-)

Working on multiple projects ALL at the same time - do you ever do this?  It can get confusing IF one does not keep things organized!

Luckily, we have that under control, at least for the time being ;-)

First, added borders to our Doris's 100th Quilt of Valor quilt top - all ready to be quilted in time for our 2018 Veteran's Day Celebrations!

Doris's 100th QOV gets ALL bordered out - ready for quilting!

Like to sew these borders on in 'marathon-style':

Sewing on the last side border

And then there was the binding of 'another' QOV:

Attaching binding
Top-stitching the binding in place w/decorative stitch & thread

We like to use a decorative stitch for attaching the front of the binding w/matching machine quilting thread for a nice, secure touch:

Our favorite machine stitch to use is this applique pen-stitch - finishes out securely and beautifully

And then there was the quick organizing that needed to be done, (actually not so quick - took almost two days but, at least it's done!)

1 tub down - Only three more to go for Fall Cleaning/Organizing!
Just in time to try and get caught up on one of our latest Patriotic Mysteries by Lisa Sutherland of

Clue #2 of one of our latest Patriotic Mysteries in the works:

Will need to go back and finish Clue #1 over the weekend!

In the meantime, need to finish binding this beauty:

Quilted w/Becker's Shooting Star quilt design w/#5088 Fantastico Grain Acres - ALL ready for binding!


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

9/11 Tribute 2018 - We Will NEVER Forget...

In Memory of those who fell on that fateful day:

In Honor of those who remain.

My Best,

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

QOVs #2 - 6 ALL Quilted!

Miss Betty & I have been having so much FUN quilting these gorgeous Quilts Of Valor from a fellow East Central Illinois Group that we almost forgot to post!  So without further chit chat, here we go:

QOV #2:

QOV #2 comes off the frame
"Star Spangled Banner" e2e quilting up close w/Glide white in needle

Quilting w/back -Signature Silver in the bobbin

QOV #3:

Coming off the frame after being quilted
"Liberty" quilting up close

Striped backing complements this wonderful Quilt of Valor

QOV #4:

Circle of Honor coming off the frame

"West Wind at Night" quilting design by Christy Dillon - adds great texture and design elements to an already incredible QOV

QOV #5:

QOV #5 coming off the frame

Star quilting

"Becker's Shooting Star" quilting accents this QOV nicely

Back w/Star fabric showing the Star quilting

QOV #6:

QOV #6 coming off the frame - ALL quilted!

"Windy Night" overall quilting

Back w/Stars and Star quilting

It has been a true honor and privilege to quilt these stunning Quilts of Valor for a fellow area group.  As a result - six (6) more area Veterans will be honored for their sacrifice and service for our country...Thank YOU.

My Best,

PS...QOV #1 of this series of six (6), may be found by following this direct web link:

Friday, August 10, 2018

Quilting a QOV...

Six (6) Quilts of Valor are in our quilting queue for the next 7-10 days, which must ALL be quilted by September 1, 2018 in time for a very special QOV Award Event.  Beautifully pieced by a fellow East Central IL QOV group, and a joy to quilt!

The first in the quilting line-up:

QOV coming off the frame
Christy Dillon's digital quilting design, West Wind Night e2e quilted out perfectly:

Gorgeous quilting stitches today!

Glide 'white' in my needle, Signature 'silver' in the bobbin created these gorgeous quilting stitches:

The back looks as good as the front - stitch quality, that is ;-)

This Quilt of Valor turned out stunning and was an honor and privilege to quilt.

Time to load QOV #2 - the Circle of Honor quilt, original quilt pattern design by Lisa Sutherland of, another real beauty!


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Catching up on Quilting for our Veterans

Been a busy few weeks, including catching up on our quilting for our Veterans.  These are our latest endeavors - including piecing and quilting various QOVs:

Doris's Quilt Of Valor comes off the frame

...and a recent panel challenge from the QOV Stars Group:

QOV Stars Panel Challenge

Our version of the Split Back Star lay-out, borrowing from one of 's patterns, the Circle of Honor...Thanks, Lisa!

Split Back Star QOV

Aren't these some great fabrics for this quilt?

Added borders to another of our Doris's quilt tops to get it to the required size for a Quilt of Valor:

Sewing on the very last border

Borders up close

Borders complete and ALL ready to quilt!

Once all these quilt tops are quilted/bound/labeled later this year, they will be awarded to area Veterans and Service Members.

Time to quilt!


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

EQ8 Chicago Star Block Challenge

Jenny of EQ recently posted a June EQ8 Block Spotlight Challenge featuring the Chicago Star.  Being a native Illinoisan, I couldn't resist this challenge and designed not one but two quilts with this block, and I can see endless possibilities w/various colorways and block setting options, I really like this Star block!

This is my second attempt:

Chicago Star - recolored
This is the Chicago Star block I used:

Chicago Star block w/HSTs in corner stones

My first attempt was posted on our sister blog over at East Central IL QOV, but we'll give you a sneak peak:

Chicago Star - Traditional setting

This was a lot of FUN and something I will definitely continue to explore and challenge myself to explore and expand my quilt design capabilities...Thanks, Jenny! 

I have had previous versions of Electric Quilt - EQ8 is by far my very favorite!  In the short time I've had it, I've already designed more quilts in less time than I did w/previous versions combined!!

Back to exploring alternate design possibilities w/Chicago Star...;-)