Sunday, November 16, 2014

Quilting Bernice's wonderful Quilt of Valor

Been wanting to post about this wonderful Quilt of Valor for quite awhile now, and here it is!

Patriotic Snowball Quilt of Valor
'Miss Betty' and I knew immediately that we would McTavish those nice, luscious borders, we'd outline those Red and Blue stars in the white sashing area then do 'something' to help make those stars Pop!  We weren't exactly sure what to do with the snowballs, sashings and cornerstones but we figured that out:

McTavished border w/Superior's So Fine Hot Chillies

McTavishing in borders, outline and stipple quilting to help those Stars POP
Again we turned to Dave Hudson's Random Stars Panto - I know, I know, but hey...we're 'exhausting' ourselves on the Random Stars, OK?! ;-)

Dave Hudson's Random Stars Panto w/McTavishing

Look who had to come and save the Quilting Day - Miss Betty I
Betcha haven't seen this too often - TWO quilting machines on the frame at the SAME Time:

HQ 16 in front, HQ Avante in back
Miss Betty II started breaking needles and just developed ALL kinds of attitude on the final stippling of this Quilt of Valor.  Since I had promised to have it all quilted by our East Central IL QOV Sew-IN last Thursday, I had to finish.  Can anyone say, "He-e-elp!"

Miss Betty I to the rescue - and she quilted like the 'champ' she's ALWAYS been - gotta love her ;-)

Miss Betty II/left and Miss Betty I/right
When I phoned Bernice to let her know her wonderful Quilt Of Valor was all finished, she generously offered to let it join some of the QOVs we will be awarding at our local VA in December...Thank YOU, Bernice!

And it's snowing outside - time to piece another top for 'one' of the Miss Betty's to quilt...


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veteran's Day Tribute - I STILL Believe...Do You?

In Memory of Those Whom Have Fallen...

In Honor of Those Who Remain.

Thank YOU to those who have fought and died for our Freedoms,

Sunday, November 2, 2014

#3 Final Veteran Quilt coming off the frame!

This really neat Veteran quilt has been on my frame for almost 2 weeks waiting patiently, watching yours truly try to organize/shelf/put away tubs FULL of books, fabrics, quilting rulers, etc.  His turn finally came up a couple of days ago and just now finding time to blog about him.  Turned out he was a blast to quilt:

Veteran's Row Quilt coming off the frame
I have a standing reservation once per year to quilt SewFest quilts from those busy QFC ladies.  I get to quilt any ol' way I want, as long as it compliments and honors the quilt and the intended - I can even add a border or two for some of my favorite quilting treatments.  And the quilt tops they sent me this year have been a real pleasure to quilt.  Lately, I've been having lots of FUN quilting pantos in the main interior of these types of quilts, and then adding various border treatments:

Dave Hudson's Random Stars panto utilized in the interior
What can I say - I LOVE this panto.  It's got random, dancing stars, it's just dense enough to create a good quilting 'fill' for any patriotic quilt, it loves ALL kinds of threads, and most's FUN to panto quilt...what's not to LOVE?!

Then, of course, my favorite quilting technique and stress buster - McTavishing!

McTavishing w/swirls
Once again, I'm using one of my favorite threads - King Tut Freedom, to quilt out this quilt.  The variegation gives these quilting motifs such texture and depth and w/Red/White/Blue coloring, it lets EVERYONE know what this quilt is ALL about.

And I know I've been using ALOT of 'swirling' in my patriotic quilts lately, too but...their fast & FUN to quilt, too!

Swirls land-locked w/McTavished borders ;-)
 I got the 'swirling' idea from Professional Quilt Artist/Teacher Jamie Wallen.  Here's a video where he demonstrates just how simple and FUN these swirls can be to implement:

For now, I need to get back to 'Miss Betty' and finish up a gorgeous Quilt of Valor...

QFC SewFest Quilt #1

QFC SewFest Quilt #2

QFC SewFest Quilt #3

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Betty Boop Quilting Studio Update and...Happy Halloween!

Finally starting to show some significant progress on the Betty Boop Quilting Studio:

ALL quilting books and magazines sorted and shelved...YES!
You may remember, it seems like I/we've been building these three 4' x 8' shelving units for a century - I referred to them in this blog posting: Around The World Blog Posting..., and I am happy to FINALLY be able to say they are ALL finished, assembled in place and up-righted w/help of my youngest daughter, Jaclyn, and her daughter, my DGD, Jade...Thank YOU, ladies!

ALL 3 shelving units in place...Yippee!

Civil War BOMs and accompanying fabrics are now happily organized
and in their rightful places waiting for construction

The third shelving unit is still awaiting ALL the fabrics it will eventually hold -
many of these black baskets will hold batiks, some of my very favorite fabrics to work with ;-)
I've started organizing the batiks but, in case you thought I might be getting finished up well...

There's still plenty to do - this will eventually be a kitchenette,
once ALL fabrics are sorted and shelved
We have 'some' of the kitchen stuff in place, but the main cabinetry and stove have to wait until I finish up the rest of the organization...hopefully by next week!

Embroidery station
Eventually, I need to put a cabinet and/or shelving in this area, for now this will work ;-)

Updated ruler/template area - it's much more organized w/bobbin winder it!

Media area for watching quilting videos.
See my cutting mat temporarily stored behind this media center ;-)
And for now, time to get back to the actual quilting - I have 4 quilts to finish by next week!

McTavishing the patriotic RED border w/King Tut Freedom
Veteran quilting getting finished up later today...
I still need to put together a brand-new cherry/walnut sewing cabinet I've had for months for my 'red' Janome sewing machine, which is on a temporary table for now, and also a cutting station - just got the 'other' wooden work bench delivered yesterday.  Came up w/'brilliant idea' to put two wooden work benches together back-to-back w/additional top for cutting surface.  IF I can get current quilt tops finished up I will begin construction...I'll keep you posted on how this goes...;-)

Happy Halloween from 'Miss Betty' and me!


Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Finishes...Yes! w/Updates...

Got in a few quilt finishes this week - including two Quilts of Valor and one Veteran quilt destined for a VA hospital:

Quilt of Valor just coming off the frame
A few close-ups of the stipple quilting on this QOV:

Stipple quilting on star and white sections
Back w/all-over stipple quilting
Freshly bound strip-pieced Quilt of Valor, finished earlier in the week
Side border quilting of this QFC SewFest Veteran quilt
I used LAVA Sunrise to quilt this quilt - and it quilted out beautifully!  This variegated gold thread has wisps of golden red streaks throughout, which makes it perfect for most red/gold/blue patriotic type quilting and quilts.  Always enjoy quilting those 'swirls', McTavished the Navy Blue borders and utilized, once again, Dave Hudson's Random Stars Panto - one of my very favorites!

Attaching bindings:

Sewing on the border w/pen stitch and LAVA Sunrise thread
All finished up ready for labeling and then to ship once the third one is finished
Embroidering a special quilt label
And the finished labeled QFC SewFest Veteran Quilt #2:

Labeled and ready to ship!

For now, time to get back to it - third Veteran quilt is ready to load,

UPDATE 11/02/2014: 

QFC SewFest Quilt #1

QFC SewFest Quilt #2

QFC SewFest Quilt #3

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Quilt of Valor comes off the frame

Been working on this one off and on for a week now - just soooo much going on this time of the year being married to a farmer and it's Harvest Season!

Turned out pretty good, I think:

Quilt of Valor coming off the frame
A couple of close-ups:

Freehand swirls in the borders w/Superior's Freedom
McTavishing out the stars & stripes
And the back, which shows off Dave Hudson's Random Stars panto quite nicely:

Back showing various modes of quilting
UPDATE 10/11/2014:  Almost ran out of King Tut Freedom thread:

Just about to run out of King Tut Freedom...Oh NO!
Look what arrived in the nick of time:

Whew!  Another Superior Thread order arrived in the nick of time ;-)
Thank YOU Superior Threads - you're The Best!

And now - time to get back to it, halfway through another Quilt of Valor destined for a WW II Veteran...


Sunday, September 28, 2014

2 by 2...w/Border/Binding/Label Updates

Quilting 2 by 2 = two quilts on the frame at the same time!  That's how I'm 'starting' to get caught up w/ALL my frame quilting in between staining my deck ;-)

Just loaded the 'second' quilt top and starting to quilt
See the first Quilt of Valor on the pole just above the second?  You can tell by the fine line of batting in between each quilt.  Here's a better look at the first quilt - a Quilt of Valor I created about a month ago and just now getting it quilted - it's been a little crazy busy lately ;-)

Stars, swirls/furls, and of course a McTavished border!
This is another strip-pieced patriotic quilt w/additional borders to finish it out.  Here's a full pic of this top prior to quilting:

Strip-pieced Quilt of Valor w/patriotic borders from Valor fabrics
Love adding swirls and furls to a QOV to go along w/stars
This Quilt of Valor ALL finished up w/binding and ready for labeling
And then I got to load this lovely quilt from those very busy Quilters for Comfort ladies, just back from their annual SewFest, where they spend almost a week creating wonderful quilts for our Veterans.  This one will be going to a VA Home in Missouri.  It's getting some stars and McTavishing to enhance its patriotic features:
McTavishing w/Rainbows Patriotic in the borders
Stars and furls in the interior

They're both almost finished - just a couple more passes of the stars/furls and the final McTavished border, and they'll be ready to come off the frame for binding and labeling.  There's two more neat Veteran's quilts from those QFC ladies, but first will be adding a border or two for each wonderfully patriotic quilt, which gives 'Miss Betty' & I even more quilting real estate ;-).

UPDATE 10/9/2014 - Coming off the frame:

All finished up - quilted/laundered/bound and...


Border Update 9/29/2014:

White & Red borders added to this really wonderful quilt
White/Gold/Navy Blue borders just added to this neat patriotic Veteran's quilt
Next in the quilting Que:

Isn't this a gorgeous Quilt of Valor?!
Just received this stunning Quilt of Valor from Clairellen and those Quirky Quilters in Michigan - they've been at it again!  

I am sooo privileged to get to quilt such amazing quilts for ALL these talented and productive quilters...Thanks a bunch you busy QFC Ladies, and especially those Quirky Quilters!

Time to get back to it...

UPDATE 11/02/2014:

QFC SewFest Quilt #1

QFC SewFest Quilt #2

QFC SewFest Quilt #3