Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Midnight Flight Continues to Elude and Challenge! w/Updates

Don't know WHY I continue to make things as difficult and challenging as I possibly can with Bonnie Hunter's stunning Midnight Flight! (From her latest book, More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.)

First, miscalculated and only cut enough Magic 8 squares to make half  the HSTs that were originally called for in this quilt for each quilt block.  Then, I made another goof with the four patches.  Notice anything strange in this photo?

Elongated 4-patches, anyone?
Geez - this is what I get for trying to cut/sew a quilt - ANY quilt, with multiple units while on cold/flu meds...that's my story and I'm stickin' with it!

Time to cut these red/white 4-patches down to size:

Trimming ALL the red/white four patches down to their correct size
This is more like it!

Right size 4-patch
The red/white 4-patches are ALL trimmed:

ALL red 4-patches trimmed - check!
UPDATE 11/21/2015:

Now, ALL the cheddar/white and the red/white are all trimmed and ready to be sewn into blocks. Yes indeedy, I'm consistent IF nothing else!  Elongated the cheddar/white 4-patches, too:

the reds and the cheddars ALL trimmed!
OK, that was definitely another learning experience ;-)

I was determined to finish this quilt in time to start Bonnie's annual Mystery Quilt that begins on Black Friday. This year it's Allietare!  At this rate, I'll be lucky to have it completed by next year's Mystery!

I need a stress-buster - time for some 'quality quilting time' w/Miss Betty!


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Alycia's Quilts of Valor Mystery starts TODAY! Are YOU In?

Alycia's Quilt of Valor Mystery starts TODAY!  Are YOU In?  The First Mystery Clue has just been released - Looks FUN to me and since 'Miss Betty & I' have committed twenty-five (25) QOVs for 2016, NO time like the present to get started...Come Join US! https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/mysteryquilts4military/info

Alycia is a super-talented Quilt Artist and QOV Volunteer, who also creates stunning Quilts of Valor throughout the year for our very deserving Service Members and Veterans.  One of the very first Quilts of Valor 'Miss Betty & I' created was one of Alycia's QOV Mysteries.  You may recognize it:

One of Alycia's QOV Mysteries from 2012
After completing the assembly of this 2012 QOV Mystery of Alycia's, I opted to add patriotic embroideries.  This Quilt of Valor was originally created with my WW II Veteran and dear father-in-law 'Dick' in mind.  Sadly, it was not completed until after his passing.  This Quilt of Valor is now a 'Tribute Quilt' in honor of his life and his service and sacrifice for our country at Iwo Jima, as well as the life of my Uncle Danny - a Vietnam Veteran, and my cousin, IRAQ Veteran, Charles - who served and fell in IRAQ.

If you would like to join us in creating a beautiful Quilt of Valor for one of our deserving Service Members or Veterans, Come Join Us!

Just follow this direct weblink: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/mysteryquilts4military/info

...to become part of this Yahoo FUN-filled Group.  Once your F R E E Membership to this Group has been accepted and approved, you will have access to ALL the clues to this Brand-NEW Quilts of Valor Mystery to create your own one-of-a-kind Quilt of Valor...See YOU soon!

UPDATE:  Fabrics!

My QOV Mystery Quilt fabric choices - good 'ol Red/White/Blue
Let the cutting begin!

UPDATE 11/15/15: Clue #1 is Done and DONE!

Alycia's QOV Mystery Quilt Clue #1 ALL Done...Yippee!!
Alrighty then, now that we've completed the first clue - including the pressing/trimming and squaring up our blocks, back to the business of binding in between sneezing!

Happy Quilting ;-)

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Salute To Our Veterans

A salute to ALL our Veterans home and abroad:

In Honor of my Dear FIL, 'Dick' - an Iwo Jima WW II Veteran
my Uncle Danny - a Vietnam Vet, my oldest son, Josh - an IRAQI Veteran

And to ALL our Service Members and Veterans - Thank YOU!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Let the Allietare Mystery Begin! w/fabric updates...

Actually, Bonnie Hunter has ONLY just released the fabric requirements and the color options for this year's annual Allietare Mystery Quilt via her famous Lowe's Paint Chip method, and here they are!

Thanks to a Quiltville Facebook friend, Betty for sharing these digital paint chips - what a neat idea for those of us who live almost an hour away, across the state line from our nearest Lowe's!

Special Note:  Dark Kettle Black is also a fabric requirement in this color palette.  For ALL the nitty gritty details about this year's Bonnie Hunter Allietare Mystery Quilt, Please follow this direct link: http://quiltville.blogspot.com/2015/10/quiltville-winter-mystery-2015-allietare.html

And now, my personal fabric selections so far, based on my interpretation of these digital paint chip colors:

Allietare Mystery Quilt fabrics so far w/rulers
My camera doesn't do these fabrics justice - the reds and golds are much deeper than this photo depicts, probably due to bright lighting ;-)

Also waiting for some additional fabrics from connectingthreads.com, should be here within the week:

UPDATE 11/7/2015 - just received my Connecting Threads order and pulled/discovered some additional fabrics during my recent quilt studio re-organization:

Allietare Mystery fabric selections - don't these look rich!

A closer look at these luscious fabrics - can hardly wait to start cutting & sewing!
Still need to make a final decision on our constant Winter Flannel fabric requirement, but I'm leaning towards this one (pictured below).  It's a darker gray with a burlap texture, and fits in nicely with the burlap bags I'm planning on using for gifting my homemade wines in the future ;-)

Gray burlap textured quilt fabric shown w/white swirls fabric
Looks like most everything is starting to fall into place - just in time to get ready for the Black Friday reveal of our first Allietare Mystery Quilt clue...See ALL you Mystery Lovers then!

Later...back to the never-ending quilt studio reorganization!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Toss-UP Tuesday Finishes! w/Updates

Getting to check a few things off the 'ol To Do List!

First - the two lower level entryway doorways to the Betty Boop Quilting Studio are now officially Lipstick RED:

Front entryway is 'officially' Betty Boop Lipstick RED!
The beatles and I had a fight over just how much RED paint I was going to get to paint onto this door - looks like I got to win this one ;-)

Next - the latest Quilt of Valor comes off the Betty Boop frame:

Let the Stars Shine Quilt of Valor coming off the frame
A couple of close-ups:

Superior's NEW Fantastico Cornsilk show-cased throughout in the needle side of quilting...
quilted out Fantastic with not one single thread break!

The quilted back - looks almost as good as the front.
And third - the upper level of the quilting studio is 98% complete!  EVERYTHING is organized and put away.  Just need to get the kitchenette installed and the sewing cabinet put together and we're golden! Was beginning to think I was NEVER going to get to write those words!!  Pics coming soon.

UPDATE 11/04/2015:

Remember This?


After!  Kitchenette all organized and ready for cabinetry and a sink!

Guest bed/quilt display - one of the vintage 'pepto bismol' quilts we quilted awhile back

as organized as we can be for now until the lower level is complete, will then reorganize into additional fabric groupings w/the extra room ;-)

Bobbin winding area w/extra bobbins and maintenance items atop a vintage chest freshly painted Betty Boop Lipstick RED - one of our very favorite colors!

Complete template/ruler organization...At Last!

Time for bed.


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A long overdue QOV gets loaded!

Miss Betty & I have been wanting to quilt this quilt (and several others) for quite awhile now.  Finally got it loaded today!

Gold & Blue Stars Quilt of Valor just loaded onto the quilting frame
Typically, we would quilt this quilt with one of our very favorite machine quilting threads, LAVA Diamond Head.  For those who have followed our quilting journey for any length of time, you know, we've quilted more than a few Quilts of Valor with this luxurious thread.  As you can see, we're just about to run out and went to place another order BUT:

Our last thread bit of LAVA Diamond Head

Superior Threads decided, in their ALL-knowing thread wisdom, to retire this entire LAVA line.  At first, we were NOT happy to hear this.  However, after consulting w/Superior and the very nice young lady over the phone to give us a 'comparable', Fatastico was the ultimate choice:

Superior's NEW Fantastico
As a farmer's wife, I had to choose the NEW Fantastico Cornsilk #5087 and Grain Acres #5088. We're leaning towards the Cornsilk for this QOV since this thread is a tad lighter and brighter and should suit this particular Quilt of Valor, with ALL it's golds and blues quite nicely...keep your fingers crossed for us that we LOVE this new Fantastico as much as we loved LAVA...we'll keep you posted.

Hopefully, will get to start quilting soon!  Been consumed w/Fall cleaning/organizing.  The first photo shows the result of much needed re-organization but, still have LOTS to do:

Still trying to come up with a fantastic solution to handle ALL our batting pieces and chunks - we save these for charitable projects and especially youth to use for practice quilting.  IF you happen to have an amazing solution, besides 35 gal. leaf bags, Please let us know...Thanks!

And Please join me in saying a final Goodbye to one of our beloved Golden Bears/Retrievers.  We think he was hit last Wednesday morning. It was really foggy and so...

Baxter & Theo - two brothers who loved and wrestled w/each other EVERY day...
A sad farewell to our Theo - you will be missed.

He loved laying in the sun on the landing outside my quilting studio.  I will miss seeing him cuddle w/one-eyed cat and wrestling w/his brother.  His brother is really feeling his loss right now.  He howls every night at the same time of his final passing.  Hopefully soon we'll find a new playmate for him...BUT, our Theo will be very hard to replace...

Quilt ON!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Magic 8s used to create a very special QOV

I knew as soon as I first saw Lisa's striking Quilt of Valor she created to honor her WW II Veteran Father, aptly named - Ray's All American Stars and Stripes, I just had to create my own version. Here are the three gorgeous Valor fabrics I've chosen:

Red/White/Blue Valor fabrics
After going through Lisa's detailed QOV pattern instructions, I knew I could adapt much of it to one of my very favorite methods of creating half-square triangles/HSTs, which Lisa instructs EVERYONE to do with ALL her gorgeous quilt patterns...to adapt them to suit you and your favorite sewing/quilting techniques...Perfect!

ALL 10 Red/Blue squares sewn together, ready to be cut!

Sewn squares cut cross-ways AND through the centers vertically & horizontally
Eight Magic 8 HSTs - ready for the reveal?

8 HSTs ready to have those dog ears trimmed off
Just one little teensy-weensy problem.  I misread one of the instructions.  Where 2 1/2" HSTs are required, I calculated for 3 1/2" HSTs...oops!  And I didn't catch my mistake until AFTER I had cut ALL the Magic 8 squares, sewn, cut, pressed, taking photos, Hmmmm, something is amiss here. These photographed HSTs, while looking gorgeous, look very LARGE!

Indeed - they are 1" TOO LARGE!  Holy cow!! sigh, time to trim more than dog ears!

ALL 76 Red/blue 3 1/2" HSTs trimmed to proper 2 1/2" - that was sooo much FUN ;-)
 Now, they do indeed measure exactly 2 1/2":

2 1/2" Red/Blue HST trimmed and ready to be assembled
As I mentioned earlier, I am creating my own version of this gorgeous Quilt of Valor, which includes adding Red/Blue HSTs to the centers of ALL nine of the 8" stars, which added 36 HSTs to the grand total.

These are my Magic 8 calculations so far. (Originally, I cut 8" squares for the 2 1/2" HSTs, which created those 3 1/2" HSTs...UGH.)  Please use at your own risk!  I will update this blog posting w/pics and calculations as I proceed through this QOV quilt pattern...Thanks!

6" Magic 8 squares for 2 1/2" HSTs - seventy-six (76) Red/Blue, thirty-two (32) Red/White:

  • 14 Red
  • 10 Blue
  • 4 white
Magic 8 Formula used to achieve my final calculations:  Determine the FINISHED size of the HSTs.  In this case = 2" FINISHED/sewn into quilt block.  Add 1" to finished size. Multiply result by 2.  This result equals the size of the Magic 8 cut block.  In simplified terms 2" + 1" = 3" x 2 = 6"

10" Magic 8 squares for 4 1/2" HSTs - sixteen (16) Red/White and forty (40) Blue/White:
  • 2 Red
  • 5 Blue
  • 7 White
Magic 8 Forumula for 4 1/2" HSTs, 4" FINISHED so, 4" + 1" = 5" x 2 = 10" 

For additional info on the Magic 8 Formula w/pics from the 'originator', Please visit her blog:

Lisa's beautiful Quilt of Valor is now hanging in the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY until November, 2015, when ALL the Quilts of Valor currently being displayed, will be awarded to our very deserving Veterans and Service Members during a special Veteran's Day Tribute.  Additional info may be found by following this direct blog link: http://eastcentralilqov.blogspot.com/2015/08/east-central-il-area-quilter-and-her_20.html 

Lisa with her stunning Quilt of Valor at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY
A BIG Thank You goes out to Lisa for generously sharing her very special Quilt of Valor pattern, Ray's All American Stars and Stripes with us...Thank YOU, Lisa!

Time to get back to the business of trimming...