Sunday, March 3, 2013

Renewal Quilt #2 for Hurricane Sandy Quilted

Got some serious quilting in the past few days and love how this one turned out:

'Renewal'coming off the frame

             Lots of FUN McTavishing

Multiple borders came out nicely

As always, I used clear mono-poly to SID in between ALL the borders and the 'bars of gold'/black and white strips, then LAVA lush green in the green areas and Black Sand variegated in the white and black borders.

And now, onto the quilting of the 'Good Morning' quilt #1.  I know, I know - I quilted them out of order but I have my reasons.  Originally, I was going to panto quilt both of these quilts, but after trying to print a digitized panto for about 3 hours, I gave up in frustration knowing I could've been quilting and got busy doing just that!  I'll try to figure the printing issue out later when I have more time.  For now, I'm way past a self-imposed deadline and I need to get done so I can go back to working on my quilting studio just as soon as the weather breaks, looks like Wednesday is my next best opportunity ;-)

So, like I always say...time to get back to it...


UPDATE 11/26/2012:  Hurricane Sandy Quilt #1, The Good Morning Quilt
UPDATE   2/25/2013:  Hurricane Sandy Quilt #2, Renewal
UPDATE   4/03/2013:  Hurricane Sandy Quilt #3, Serenity

ALL 3 Hurricane Sandy Quilts Arrive safe & sound at their final destination...


  1. I really love that pop of the green. And, as always "done by Betty", a great job on the quilting :-)

    1. Hey Miss Katie,
      You always say the nicest things...Thank YOU!


  2. I really like your McTavishing. For some reason I have not been able to do it: I tend to wander off somewhere and it really looks ugly. But, seeing yours, I think I will try it again with the charity quilt I am getting ready to put on the frame. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Gari!
      One of the best things I ever did was stumble across a video by one of our very own Home Quilting System members - Ebony Dawn Love, and I watched that video many times, (I STILL watch it from time to time), building up my courage each time.

      Here's the link:

      I think the biggest obstacle is to know how to 'bump out' of a corner or tight area, and there is some backtracking involved or even stop/think about where to go to next and if need be, cut threads/re-start, whatever it takes to keep movin' on ;-)

      And my main motto, don't forget to have FUN!