Thursday, November 8, 2012

Girly 'Heart' Quilt

After finishing up the 10th male-themed quilt, I was more than ready for a 'girly' quilt and I knew I had the perfect one.  This appliqued heart quilt was started several months ago as a gift and I was finally able to get back to it last week and finish it up in between quilting and hammering...

I'm doing 'McTavishing' (what else?) in the outside borders, w/random stippling in the cloud areas in the border and interior background around the appliqued hearts, ruler work in the green sashing borders, and I haven't decided what will be in the pink owl border, just know I'll be using Rainbows Strawberry to do it.

My ruler work is improving - FINALLY, and I'm actually starting to enjoy doing it - YEAH!

I just received some new workshop DVD's from Jamie Wallen, and after watching just a bit of his feathering in the Mystical CottonTracks Workshop I, I think I may finally have a shot at executing some decent feathers.  In fact, I'm auditioning one aspect for the pink border in this quilt, and I believe it may work quite well.  We'll see after I do some more practicing ;-)

UPDATE 11/10/12: after watching more of Jamie Wallen's workshop DVDs, went for a combination of freehand swirly heart paisleys and I think they were just the ticket:

I wasn't too sure about this design until it was quilted - now everyone says it 'makes' the quilt!

Back of the flannel back w/quilting - I will be using more flannel, LOVE how the stitches sink into the flannel

Coming off the frame - ready for binding!

In the meantime, need to get back to my stippling, love to stipple in manual mode, makes the stippling go FAST ;-)



  1. Deb, you'll have to let me know how the Jamie Wallen feathers go for you - I still have a really hard time with consistency with them. Surprisingly enough, I do better with feather wreaths then straight line feathers or curved line feathers.... Always looking for a new/better technique...
    Love the colors of this quilt BTW...I agree, sometimes we need to 'change it up'

  2. Well, Ms. Katie you've got one up on me because I currently cannot do a decent feather wreath to save my soul without lots of pre-marking, stencils, crossing my finger AND toes and holding my tongue just right, sometimes works, LOL. You'll have to share some of your secrets with me sometime ;)

    Jamie Wallen's worshop DVD's are awesome and I LOVE his method of teaching - very soothing, calming and patient. For someone who is somewhat hyper, his approach is just what the doctor ordered. I haven't had a chance to watch both DVDs and I just noticed some heart quilting motifs on the other DVD content index soooo, I'm thinkin' w/heart quilt, might need some heart quilting!

    His Flurry of Angels feather quilting design on the Mystical Cotton Tracks Workshop I DVD is by far my very favorite of any feather design I've ever seen, and I think I must have every DVD and book on feathers ever made, (luckily I've found many second-hand ;-) I hate to sound like his personal marketing promoter (I'm NOT), but sometimes I'm a little let down after I make some of my purchases - I'm absolutely thrilled with what I've discovered so far into these workshop DVDs and have NO regrets! I know I'll be watching these over and over...

    Thanks much for your kind words about this quilt - I can't take credit, it was a quilt kit from Connecting Threads I purchased almost a year ago, on sale of course, and it is lovely. My youngest daughter saw it finally completed the other day and was thrilled. We did enlarge it somewhat to create a nap quilt for the soon-to-be 1 year old in December. I ordered enough extra pink fabric for a matching pillow case along with remaining leftovers from the quilt. I think it will turn out quite nice for her and my daughter is nudging me to get it done early, (it's her gift to her friend's first daughter). Hoping to complete it over the weekend since my jungle green fabric just arrived from Luana Rubin at (got some great sales goin' on over there) and combined w/black & white prints in my stash, that's one of my Hurricane Sandy quilts I'm wanting to get put together over the weekend as well and on the frame.

    Sorry to be so long, can you tell I stayed up until 2:00 am drinking coffee to try and finish the trim in my quilting studio bath - almost finished, ran out of #6 trim nails! Now, if I could just get some heat...

    Thanks again for stopping by and your wonderful words of encouragement!

  3. Hi Deb, I received the quilt from Jackie today - it is so beautiful! I love the feathering detail; it is so intricate and really makes it special. Thank you so much for making the quilt for Avery. I'm sure she is going to love it!

    1. Thanks Beth – so glad you liked it and I hope Avery does too, she sounds like a very special little girl ;-) I so LOVED making this quilt and we did enlarge it somewhat w/the pink owl/heart border, which was not called for in the original quilt pattern, and I think it really adds to the quilt and makes it even more special.

      My Best to You and Your Family over the Holidays,