Saturday, February 21, 2015

Not much quilting - LOTS of scooping!

Snow, that is!

Canine 'Supervisor' of the scooping ;-)
As much as I tried, Baxter was having NOTHING to do with shovels and scooping but, he and his brother, Theo, have NO problem running around in it:

The brothers romping in the fresh snow, waiting for it to be scooped
No time to waste - time to start scooping!

First landing/stairs

Main stairway

Second landing

Main deck and doors to quilting studio
While I feel very blessed to have my quilting studio - it's not without its caveats, and one of those being 'scooping snow'!

Four+ hours later:

Almost finished!

Just enough time to finish up the driveway & sidewalk:

Thank Goodness the SUN came out and finished melting off
some of this white stuff 'after' I scooped!
Alrighty then, time for a nice hot bath, beverage and maybe some time to sew a few borders onto a QOV:

3 sets of borders for a Quilt of Valor

Time to get back to it - now that the scooping is finished...tomorrow, after we get rested up a bit, Miss Betty & I get back to the business of quilting!