Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Patriotic QOV on the frame...w/Updates

Just got this Quilt of Valor loaded this eve - having a blast quilting it already:

Patriotic Quilt of Valor getting the STAR quilting treatment ;-)

Good 'ol Dave Hudson and his Random Star Panto - what a great quilting treasure:

My 'Go To' Star Panto - LOVE it!
Combined with another favorite for border quilting to provide movement and LOTS of eye candy:

McTavishing in the Flag border
McTavish and Star quilting really stand out with King Tut Freedom quilting thread and such FUN to quilt out with it, too!

UPDATE 6/1/2015 - First QOV finish for June:

Quilting up close

First Quilt of Valor for June coming off the frame - just 4 more to go!
Break-ey time is over, time to get back to the quilting...


Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Thank YOU!

In Honor of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice:

Thank You...

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Special T-shirt Memory Quilt Reveal for Super-Special Graduating Cheerleader w/Updates

Been a little quiet while Miss Betty & I have been working 'behind the scenes' to create this special Memory T-shirt quilt for a very special graduating cheerleader:

One of the Memory T-shirt blocks
First, getting started:

D-boning the first T-shirt

D-boned and ready for the PRESS

Second step - stabilization w/HOT steam press:

Keeping hands & fingers away from the top of the press
is a very good thing!
Third step - time for ALL D-boned, pressed & stabilized t-shirts to dry overnight:

Let the drying begin!
Stacks of D-boned/stabilized t-shirts ready to dry overnight

Fourth step - the sewing of the sashings and borders:

Borders and sashings all cut and ready to assemble
The sewing begins
Fifth step - assembly of the t-shirts and the sashings & borders but First, time for a little math!  Since yours truly got the brilliant idea to NOT cut each T-shirt the same boring size, especially since said t-shirt wearer/owner is not very big in stature thus, said t-shirts are not very big either soooo, decided to change things up a bit.  The result was - since t-shirts are ALL different sizes, sashings would also ALL be different sizes!

Time for some quick measurements:

Measurements of each block per row
And then adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing to get the final results for each block's sashing:

Never thought ALL that math we learned in school would come in handy...
learn those math facts folks - there isn't a calculator in the world that could take these measurements and determine how to best sash out each t-shirt block!
Alrighty then - time for the final assembly:

Determining 'which t-shirt goes where' can take a bit of time -
kind of like putting together a FUN puzzle
But the final result is well worth the time spent:

All ready for final borders and the ultimate FUN...freehand quilting!
The borders have ALL been attached and the quilt is now on the frame getting quilted.  We chose a freehand quilting design that resembles a Lion's mane that we'll quilt in matte silver - fitting for a Marshall Lion Cheerleader T-shirt Memory quilt, don't you think?

Please Note: we've had some questions about this quilting design - this entire quilting design is hand-guided freehand style quilting w/NO computer driven quilting applied to any part of this quilt...'Miss Betty' and my favorite type of quilting...Thanks for asking!

Time to get back to quilting for the final reveal:

ALL ready for quilting
UPDATE 5-20-2015: Quilting is DONE!

Border quilting

Close-up of the pieced back - I always enjoy flipping the quilt over to see the backs ;-)

The final recipient of this T-shirt Memory quilt's Mom, hand-picked each and EVERY one of these coordinating fabrics - including the batiks!  They are indeed gorgeous - due to their nature, took almost two hours to freehand quilt each pass...and there were 12 total passes Plus borders ;-).

UPDATE 5-22-2015: Binding!

Check back for updates of the final reveal w/quilting, binding, special embroidered label.

UPDATE 5/24/2015 - QR coded label:

Special QR coded label that will scan straight to this blog posting w/any tag reader - neat, huh?
Custom embroidery quilt label for Kodie:

Stitching out the embroidery label

And drum roll, Please - the Final reveal:

ALL finished, ready to make it's final journey to meet the actual owner ;-)
This T-shirt Memory quilt has been an unforgettable experience for me and 'Miss Betty' and we feel truly honored to have been chosen to help encapsulate a few of Kodie's precious memories into her special quilt.

Continued Success and Good Luck to her as she embarks on the next chapter of her life.


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Cindy's QOV makes it to the BIG National Show - voting has started...Vote NOW!

Hey Everyone - just had to let you know, Cindy's Quilt of Valor Won 1st Place at the local level and has now moved on to the National MODA Piece & Comfort Online 2015 Quilt Show Competition:

Cindy Moreton's 1st Place QOV submitted by Quilters Desert Patchto the National MODA Piece & Comfort Online Quilt Show Competition -Vote NOW!

Cindy's Quilt of Valor coming off the frame

Close-up of one of the MODA fussy-cut fabrics - gorgeous!
Every single fabric in this Quilt of Valor was meticulously fussy-cut to showcase the amazing MODA Because of the Brave fabrics, even the sashings and borders!

The attention to detail is breath taking and the piecing is impeccable!
A short story Cindy shared with me when she contacted Miss Betty & I to see IF we would be interested in quilting her QOV for her:  While vacationing over this past winter in Arizona, Cindy created this stunning Quilt of Valor with MODA Because of the Brave fabrics she purchased at the Quilters Desert Patch Quilt Shop.  Once the quilt shop folks saw her QOV quilt top when she brought it in for additional border options, they asked her, or actually stated in a question, "You're definitely going to enter it in the MODA Piece & Comfort Challenge, aren't you?"

Cindy hadn't really thought about entering it but said IF she could find a quilter to quilt it, she would enter it if possible.  BUT, there were only a few weeks left prior to getting it quilted and entered.  She mentioned her dilemma to one of her good friends, Jackie W. and that's when yours truly got a phone call asking IF Miss Betty & I would be interested in quilting it, and the icing on the cake - it would be submitted to our East Central Illinois QOV Group to be awarded to an area Veteran.  Of course we said YES!

When we received it, there were less than two weeks to quilt, bind, label, prepare QOV documents and ship back in time for the MODA Piece & Comfort Competition at her local shop in Arizona, Quilters Desert Patch.  And to top it ALL off, Miss Betty II was still not functioning properly.  After multiple attempts at trying to fix Miss Betty II, we finally had to bite the bullet and let Miss Betty I, aka HQ16, quilt this gorgeous Quilt of Valor.  And since we didn't want to worry anyone, we haven't revealed this info until now ;-).

And to her quilting credit, Miss Betty I stepped up to the quilting plate and quilted her heart out:

Quilt of Valor 'dog tag' label w/piano key quilted border...Thanks, Miss Betty I!
Miss Betty II and I had planned much more elaborate quilting for this quilt.  But all-in-all, we think the final outcome resulted in the best quilting choices to enhance Cindy's remarkable fussy cutting and piecing, which showcases Moda's wonderful Because of the Brave fabrics, and especially to honor the final Quilt of Valor Award Recipient with a comforting and healing Quilt of Valor.

Miss Betty and I are unashamedly promoting and voting for Cindy Moreton's Quilt of Valor in this MODA Piece and Comfort Quilt Competition, and we are asking you to do the same, Please and Thank YOU!  There are a whole bunch of gorgeous QOVs in this competition - each and every one a Winner!

Good Luck to EVERYONE and especially to Cindy Moreton of Quilters Desert Patch...Thank YOU!

Go Vote NOW before you forget! 

To vote for Cindy Moreton's Quilt of Valor, search for the Quilters Desert Patch Quilt shop, click on their voting button next to their name, scroll down and click on the VOTE button and you're done...Thank YOU!

And just remember - You may vote EVERY DAY up and until the Competition closes!  Miss Betty & I will be happy to have you stop back by for a visit and to provide your daily voting link...;-)

To read and see more of this amazing Quilt of Valor, Please visit our sister blog at the following blog post:

Alrighty then - I'm off to cast my vote for Cindy Moreton's Quilt of Valor via Quilters Desert Patch Quilt Shop...