Sunday, October 7, 2012

Catching Up - QFC #2 AND #3 Getting Finished...

I've been soooo busy quilting trying to get ALL my charity quilts for QFC finished up this weekend so I can finish up my Quilting Studio now that the electrician has finished, (how many times did I just write the word 'finish-ed?;-), at least the upper level where my studio is going...YES!  I was beginning to think I would NEVER get to utter/write those words!  And as you can see, I have the finished quilts to prove it!

First in the quilt parade, the Lighthouse Quilt - QFC Boy's Home Quilt #2:

Lighthouse Block w/McTavishing quilting in the interior of the block 

Outside blue border and picture frame burgundy border

Alternating pinwheel block with more McTavishing and stipple quilting in the 'cloud' triangles

This is another QFC quilt top that was designed and created by one of our members and then sent to me to quilt on the longarm.  Initially, I was struggling trying to figure out how to quilt it.  After I added a blue marble border to the entire perimeter of the quilt, this gave me more quilting options and I had enough extra fabric for matching binding.  

Once I decided on the thread color to match this same blue marbled border, I followed it through the entire quilt, which gave it even more of a 'boy' feel as a nice side effect.  I did opt to quilt the lighthouse blocks w/clear monopoly because I didn't want the blue thread to detract from the embroidered lighthouse, and I think that was a good choice.

And here' the finished quilt:

Coming off the frame - has now been bound, gently washed and ready to ship!

QFC Boy's Home Quilt #3 - the Monopoly Quilt:

                                                                             Lots of challenging FUN with this one!

Since I quilted this top sideways, it gave even more quilting perspective when finished...

Another challenging quilt but once I got started McTavishing, (after several hours of SID w/clear monopoly) I really had a blast quilting this quilt and I think it turned out surprisingly well.  You tell me:

Off the frame w/double-fold binding attached and turned, ready for the final blind-stitching

It's ready for the final stitch down and I'm ready for bed!

This will wait 'till evening - catch ya'll later...

UPDATE:  10/7/2012:   Binding stitched down, gently laundered, label attached and ready to ship ;-)


  1. Amazing job on the quilting - you make them come to life! Doesn't it feel good when you get them done and are ready to move on to your own endeavors?! I know I always feel ready to tackle my own projects with more enthusiasm when I've finished QFC stuff.....

  2. Thanks Ms. Katie and YES! thrilled when I get to finish things up and check them off my list - just now stitching down the binding and will be off to the delicate cycle for a quick wash and then label and ready to ship...YEAH!

    I still have to finish my 'dog quilt', and will continue to work on it in between staining/varnishing trim over the next couple of weeks, and should be able to finish up prior to the end of the month. In the meantime, wanted to get these three done and shipped so NO worries ;-)

    Thanks again and time to get back to it!