Monday, August 25, 2014

Sandra's Quilt of Valor getting finished up

Another lovely Quilt of Valor from those Quirky Quilters (and Clairellen) in Michigan - I received six (6) of their gorgeous Quilt of Valor quilt tops ALL at once and this is QOV #5:

Sandra's Quilt of Valor coming off the frame
Originally, I thought I'd do quite a bit of custom quilting when I first say this stunning quilt but...after loading it, I realized those 'stars' wanted to shine soooo, decided to quilt 'stars' throughout to help enhance their beauty without detracting from them:

Star Quilting to enhance the Ohio Stars
w/custom quilting in the borders only, and I think that was the very best quilting choice for this quilt:

Swirls and McTavishing in exterior borders
Borders w/Stars
Close-up of quilting back
This is another flannel-backed quilt and it quilted up like butta ;-)  I like to use either gold or silver thread on these blue printed flannel backs of these particular Quilts of Valor - this one got gold, and it gives a wonderful secondary design on the back without overpowering, as the Scarlet So Fine #50 thread we chose for the front would have.  Takes a little bit to get the tension just right so we won't have pokies but, so worth it.

It has been wonderful quilting this Quilt of Valor of Sandra's - Thank YOU!

Time to get this beauty ready for shipping back to Sandra...