Thursday, October 31, 2013

Chris's QOV coming off the frame...

'Chris' claims this is her very first Quilt of Valor, it's soooo stunning it's hard to believe!  When I first saw it I was really overwhelmed with exactly how it should be quilted.  I wanted to honor ALL the hard work Chris had put into her first QOV as well as the intended Quilt of Valor recipient, while enhancing the 'star' features of this quilt.  Once I saw the backing fabric, all my worries were over - a star quilt pattern it would be ;-):

Chris's Star Quilt of Valor coming off the frame

All-over large and small star quilting pattern close-up on back

Kimmy Brunner's Essentials Premo-Soft Honey Gold used throughout this QOV

Star Pattern quilting accentuates the design of this wonderful quilt

This really neat Quilt of Valor is officially quilted/pruned/and ready to ship!  I promised I would have this quilt finished by the end of the month - looks like I coasted in on fumes...whew! ;-)

Thank YOU, Chris for bestowing on me the honor of quilting your wonderful Quilt of Valor.  Your quilt Star is ready to ship and should be arriving shortly.

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  1. Really nice quilt top and your quilting just really added that POP!