Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A John Deere/Truck 'Hug 'n Lug' for FUN!

Took time out to quilt a FUN John Deere/Truck 'Hug 'n Lug' quilt:

John Deere/Truck quilt
Had to use some 'authentic' John Deere flannel fabrics for the backing:

John Deere Flannel backing
And put on some John Deere fabric binding:

Top stitching the binding using pen-stitch and John Deere yellow thread
Finishing up the binding

I free-hand quilted this FUN quilt w/double circle quilting motif that was so Fast & FUN.  I highly recommend taking time out from time to time and creating one of these types of quilts - whether as a gift or to give to someone in need, they are wonderfully refreshing and plain FUN!

All completed and ready for a special quilt label
This John Deere/Truck 'Hug 'n Lug' is for a very special friend of our family who just turned 1 ;-)  Time to finish up the very special quilt label and matching pillow case!



  1. I am in total agreement with you, Deb. Sometimes a girl just has to have fun!

  2. Oh your special friend is going to LOVE this quilt!!! I can see it being taken everywhere. :) Great going Deb! The quilting is perfect for the quilt too.
    ~ Christina in Cleveland