Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Swaggin' it out on another QOV w/Updates

Again, been awhile - 'Miss Betty's' startin' to wonder just what I've been up to!  NO worries, back in the quilting saddle and oh boy, got a really neat Quilt of Valor from Clairellen and those Quirky Quilters to customize w/templates, swags, Terry Twists, among other custom quilting applications:

Just loaded this gorgeous Quilt of Valor
Aren't those Red/White/Blue borders just begging for swags?  And that's exactly what they are getting!:

Swaggin' out those luscious borders

HQ 6" Swag templates make 'swaggin' a breeze ;-)

And the corners are getting some special 'swag' treatments, too

Corner swags

LOVE how the quilting turned out in these Friendship Stars!
UPDATE 8/17/2014:  The stars are ALL quilted out, along w/4 patches and just now finishing up the swag borders.  Once those are finished, will 'swirl' the red solid borders prior to changing out threads to go back and do the ecru background fill, which should make these stars 'pop' even more.  I'll post a pic or two when I get to that part of the quilting.  Hope to finish up later today and ship out on Tuesday to the original creator to bind/launder/label.

The red borders will get a corresponding/alternating swirl at the very end when ALL the other border swag quilting is completed so they can each be centered w/swags.  In the meantime, having a blast Terry Twisting my way through the 4-patches and the blue stars:

Terry Twisting the 4-patches and the navy blue stars

Swirls in red sashing
Planning on some really neat background fill to 'pop' the navy blue stars, which of course will also include my favorite McTavishing.  Superior's King Tut thread in the needle in a QOV favorite color - 'Freedom' is really helping this quilting stand out.  And it's always FUN to quilt w/King Tut ;-)

McTavishing background fill in ecru star blocks w/Superior's So Fine #50 Bone  in needle & bobbin
Didn't these Friendship Stars quilt out neat?
Stars and swirled/swagged out borders ;-)
Mary Anne's gorgeous Quilt of Valor coming off the frame...

UPDATE II 8/21/2014:  This stunning QOV beauty has already been shipped and well on it's way to Mary Anne, the original creator, so she will now be able to bind/launder/label and prepare it for it's final tour of duty - to be awarded to a very deserving Veteran.  It has been such a wonderful quilting experience and a true honor to quilt Mary Anne's gorgeous Quilt of Valor...Thank YOU! 

For now, time to get some shut-eye so I can get back to it tomorrow!


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Quilting Mary Anne's QOV

Betcha thought I forgot ALL about you, didn't you?  Especially since it's been awhile since I posted!  NO worries - been a tad busy over at 'the other blog' getting lots done and finally almost caught up ;-) 

And...been working on this gorgeous Quilt of Valor of Mary Anne's from those Quirky Quilters w/Clairellen in Michigan:

Mary Anne's QOV coming off the frame
Did you notice those really neat pieced borders?

Pieced checkerboard borders - outline quilted

And was able to do LOTS of McTavishing in the two borders that straddle the pieced border w/LAVA Sand Bar:

McTavishing in both borders that straddle the pieced border

Can you see the 'Star Dance' panto in the central part of the quilt?  It's even easier to see from the back:

Star Dance Panto from

McTavishing w/Star Dancing Panto

This was such a neat Quilt of Valor to quilt and I enjoyed every minute of it...Thank YOU, Mary Anne (and Clairellen) for allowing me the honor and privilege of quilting your wonderful QOV.

Time to get back to it...


Friday, July 4, 2014

Celebrating 4th of July 2014 - fireworks w/Boston POPS

Celebrating our Independence w/America's Orchestra, the Boston POPS complete w/Fireworks Display:

Don't forget to Thank a Vet... 

Happy 4th Everyone!