Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back In the Saddle Again...the Quilting Saddle, that is!

Well after a week or so sabbatical due to all the cleaning and organizing of my quilting/sewing studio AND the arrival of my belated Christmas present, I'm finally finished setting up almost 98% of it and thought I'd share a few pics of the progress to date.  Soooo, here's my 1st practice project on the new-ish HQ16:

It does gorgeous stitches, here's a close-up using the manual stitch mode without the stitch regulator:

And another view from a different angle:

I couldn't resist taking just one more grand finale shot:

Don't know when I'll get back to finishing up the Orca Bay Mystery quilt but will have to be soon if I'm to finish by my original goal of January 31, 2012!

So as I always say, if I'm to finish, best get back to it...

PS...I tried repeatedly to upload all the pics to no avail w/slloowwww internet - will try again sometime tomorrow.  Until then, Good Night...

PSS...UPDATE - As you can probably tell, was finally able to upload all my latest pics even though my net connection is still slloooowww ;-)

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