Friday, May 5, 2017

Quilting During the 2017 Spring Flood!

What else can you do when surrounded by water - quilt, of course!  'Miss Betty & I' have been busy trying to get ALL caught up in time for ALL the May festivities.  And we've made a fairly good dent on our accumulated quilts.

This is our latest Finish!

QOV to be awarded to a very special Navy Veteran

Getting ready to quilt!

Isn't this a neat quilt?  This is one of Alycia's Patriotic Mysteries

Becker's Shooting Star Panto w/Gold thread really works on this quilt!

Weather and 'other' challenges have tried to slow us down from time to time BUT, we're committed to getting to the quilting finish line, even during a major area flood!

UPDATE 5/5/2017 - Flood stages have been updated to include latest rainfall.  Currently at 25.4' and projected to go to 26.1' by Midnight, when we are expecting MORE rain!  Flood stage is 14.0' - we will be more than 12.0'+ over that:

High ground flooding of one of our fields across from my quilting studio,
taken from second level studio window
And seep water has even reached our home - you may not be able to tell it but, there's a frog  in the lower right-hand corner of this pic, swimming in the water underneath our house!

Water under our house in the crawl space -
so much for previously installed sump pump!
In the meantime, we have quilts to bind!

Binding a QOV

First side is 'almost' sewn...

Just two more to go to finish up for today!

Stay High & Dry EVERYONE!  ( my quilting friend, Julia recommended to me earlier ;-)