Monday, September 30, 2013

Last Minute Monday Mash-Up w/Updates...

Have just enough time to get this one in on this last day of September!  What a whirlwind of a weekend - had plenty of those end-of-the-month final details to take care of, like figuring out what borders needed to be added to this SewFest 2013 Veteran's Quilt prior to quilting:

Added 4 exterior borders to this neat 'Gold Star' Veteran's Quilt
...applied bindings to 3 of the QFC quilts I'd already quilted:

Adding binding via machine utilizing an elongated applique stitch
 w/Rainbows Patriotic thread

Stitched down the quilt labels and prepped these quilts for shipping tomorrow
Gently laundered/Bound/Labeled - Ready for shipping!
UPDATE:  these 3 QFC SewFest Veteran's Quilts shipped 10/1/2013 - projected delivery 10/7/2013

Had just enough time to get this stunning Quilt Of Valor loaded:

Halfway through quilting this eye-catching QOV
This latest Quilt of Valor was sent to me by The Quirky Quilters Quilt Guild of Harrisville, MI*.  The creator of this amazing quilt is Peg from Florida - didn't she do a wonderful job?!  My only hope is my quilting will do this incredible quilt justice while honoring the intended - keep your fingers & toes crossed for me! 

*CORRECTION: the Quirky Quilters Guild is located in Oscoda, MI.  My sincere apologies to the Quirky Quilters Guild for my error and a Big Thank YOU to Clairellen for pointing this out to me ;-)

For now, I'm performing my typical SID w/clear mono-poly and Amber Bottom Line in the bobbin to match the gorgeous gold backing.  Once I start the FUN quilting, I'll post more pics - planning on doing some 'flag-waving quilting', along w/Tango quilting in the background, (my version of McTavishing).

Adding wave quilting w/HQ wave ruler
This new HQ wave ruler is really making light work of my wave quilting - notice the needle line-up mark - making it a breeze to position the ruler perfectly each and every time it's moved - genius!

I have some really pretty MasterPiece Indigo Blue and Red Hill for the corresponding blue & red areas, along w/White Bottom Line for these quilting applications, can hardly wait to get to that, probably sometime tomorrow! much for those thread ideas, you know how that goes.  We have those initial quilting/thread visions and then when faced w/actual quilting reality, and the original chosen thread colors don't match/are too shiny/not the right weight, etc., we make a few changes.  I am now using So Fine #40 Bush Fire for the red flag stripes to make the waves - it's a wonderful variegated that has the darker hues of reds/burgandys in some of the stripe fabrics:
Wave quilting in the red stripes of this QOV flag quilt

McTavishing/Tango quilting w/LAVA Sandy Beach in white stripes
The red stripes and stars are all 'waved out', the white stripes are half done, and will move on to the blue areas sometime tomorrow ;-)
Blue wavy borders w/Tang Quilting in the backgrounds

Close-up of star/flag stripes quilting

This stunning Quilt of Valor from the Quirky Quilters Guild, located in Oscoda, MI, is officially finished:
QOV coming off the frame
As soon as this Quilt of Valor is all pruned of stray thread tails, will be readied for shipping!

For now - time to get back to it...


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Toss-Up Tuesday...w/Updates

What a busy, busy weekend/week so far - got quite a bit done, I'm pleased to say!  Finished up a UFO for the DGD - her upcoming B'day present, a personalized Dr. Who quilt:

Neat, huh?

You'll remember, I made her some matching Dr. Who pillow cases earlier for music camp

Should be able to get it quilted prior to her B'day in late October - just don't tell her, it's a secret!

UPDATE 1/07/2014:
Dr. Who Quilt blog links from start to finish:

Dr. Who coming off the frame...FINALLY!: 

Dr. Who Embroidery Designs:  available from Tammi D. of Small Town Embroidery w/10 Dr. Who digital embroidery designs in 3 different sizes.
Finished up 3 of the 6 quilts needing to be quilted for those busy QFC ladies:
SewFest Quilt #1 - Eagle/Star quilt coming off the frame

SewFest #2 - Patriotic Log Cabin
...the third quilt is on the frame just about finished up and should come off later today, and quilt #4 is ready to load.  Here's a few pics of that progress:

McTavish and outline quilted w/clear mono-poly
Fireworks quilted w/Rainbows Patriotic in needle, Maxi-Lock in bobbin
SewFest #3 - Fireworks & Stars Veteran's Quilt coming off the frame
UPDATE:  10/07/2013 - these first 3 QFC SewFest quilts have been shipped and received.

AND, I decided it was FINALLY time to finish putting together my Modern Day Hero, Patriotic Boots quilt.  Here's where I am so far:

I spend about 4 hours each day piecing/embroidering and 4-6 hours quilting - it's a nice balance for me right now ;-)

Modern Day Hero, Patriotic Boots quilt finally getting assembled!

Since I also have two QBBs, a Quilt of Valor, a wedding quilt to finish up, and 2 additional gift quilts in my quilt queue...

Time to get back to it...

Update:  just got these block strips assembled and ready to sew together:

Boy would a design wall look good right now - but the TV room carpet will just have to do ;-)

Friday, September 20, 2013

FUN Friday

Having loads of FUN quilting this wonderful Patriotic Log Cabin quilt top I received from those QFC ladies that was pieced during one of their recent SewFest retreats, (here's a link to a post showing several pics of some of these gorgeous quilt tops I received - QFC SewFest Quilt Tops:

Patriotic Log Cabin Beauty

McTavishing those colorful borders!

'Bump-d-Bump' feathering across the log cabin blocks
I'm thinking the blue plaid border w/hearts will get some ruler work quilting treatment utilizing the pattern grid of the fabric along with one of my favorite rulers - The Line Tamer!  I've used it in several quilts recently with terrific why stop now?!? ;-)

Also incorporating an Angela Walters trick in the small red border with a continuous line/swirl design which is working out great.

That's it for now...time to get back to the FUN!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday Thrill...

I was absolutely 'thrilled', (pun intended ;-), when I could FINALLY quilt again after a long hiatus of over 2 weeks as a result of no air conditioning in my quilting studio during a record-breaking heat wave here in the MidWest!  While I don't have the air conditioner completely fixed, was able to cool down the studio enough w/fans and partial air conditioner for my quilting machine to work comfortably.  And just look what I have been able to work on - my youngest son's wedding quilt:

More than half-way through stabilizing this red/burgundy beauty using clear mono-poly for SID

A little 'Line Tamer' work
The Line Tamer works great for stitch-in-the-ditch (SID)

I would dearly LOVE to get back to this project, but today we are acutally having a few thunderstorms and I hesitate to run my Beloved Betty during any kind of storm soooo...I'm piecing together a quick little farm quilt for a special 3 month old I had the pleasure of meeting over the weekend, and it's coming along nicely:

Nothin' like a little green tractor quilt!
 Time to finish up,

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In Memory...To Honor...

In Memory of Those Who Have Fallen:

In Honor of Those Who Remain...

My Best to You and Yours on this - our Day of Remembrance of 9/11