Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday Thrill...

I was absolutely 'thrilled', (pun intended ;-), when I could FINALLY quilt again after a long hiatus of over 2 weeks as a result of no air conditioning in my quilting studio during a record-breaking heat wave here in the MidWest!  While I don't have the air conditioner completely fixed, was able to cool down the studio enough w/fans and partial air conditioner for my quilting machine to work comfortably.  And just look what I have been able to work on - my youngest son's wedding quilt:

More than half-way through stabilizing this red/burgundy beauty using clear mono-poly for SID

A little 'Line Tamer' work
The Line Tamer works great for stitch-in-the-ditch (SID)

I would dearly LOVE to get back to this project, but today we are acutally having a few thunderstorms and I hesitate to run my Beloved Betty during any kind of storm soooo...I'm piecing together a quick little farm quilt for a special 3 month old I had the pleasure of meeting over the weekend, and it's coming along nicely:

Nothin' like a little green tractor quilt!
 Time to finish up,


  1. Gosh I dislike when things interrupt my quilting time :-) I look forward to seeing your son's wedding quilt finished. I love what I'm seeing so far.

  2. Me too! For now, I'm concentrating on stabilizing this beauty while I decide exactly how I want to quilt it, (I thought I had this ALL figured out but...while stabilizing, made some tentative quilt changes, which in turn affect the rest of the quilt and now, other changes must be made that I haven't completely resolved, yet ;-).

    One thing that gets my quilting juices flowing is to work on a quilt that I know 'exactly' how I'm going to quilt it and I have just the quilt(s) - those QFC quilt tops you sent me and a more recent QOV I just received last week. Hopefully, will be loading the Log Cabin QFC quilt top later today since I'm just about finished with my SID work on this one...

    Happy Quilting!