Monday, February 18, 2013

Quilting QFC #2 Boy's Home Quilt

After the Boy's Home Horse quilt was complete, I was spurred on to get the second one done, too, and had a blast quilting the Jungle Animal quilt, it was a lot of FUN:

Made you smile...;-)

I grid quilted the animal squares, using the fabric lines as a guide, in addition to SID-ing the entire quilt to stabilize it w/clear mono-poly, and continued the mono-poly in each embroidered/appliqued animal block w/outline and McTavish quilting in those same blocks - as always, the mono-poly worked great.  The outside cheddar borders were quilted with a gorgeous Rainbows thread called Golden Glory which quilted out beautifully, not one single thread break!:

Rainbows 'Golden Glory' used to McTavish the borders

And I think it came out quite well:

Jungle Animal quilt coming off the frame

Both quilts are bound, labeled, boxed and ready to be shipped off.  And now to finish up those Hurricane Sandy quilts...



  1. Very cute! I need to get some practice in on the McTavishing.....

  2. Hey Miss Katie,
    Glad to see you out and about again ;-) Thanks so much for your kind words, as always.

    Take care and Please do stop by again when you get the time,