Monday, January 6, 2014

Dr. Who FINALLY coming off my frame...! w/Updates

The looooong awaited Dr. Who quilt is FINALLY coming off my frame - woohoo!!!

Dr. Who coming off the frame - FINALLY!
With the current blizzard on it's inevitable way, I knew my quilting time could be limited, especially if we lost our power - which in fact we have a few times just today!  So I decided to get busy quilting and see what I could do and once again, came out pretty good, me thinks ;-)

I used several different threads and more than one quilting technique to get the final quilting effect.  The usual clear mono-poly was used for SID and for all the embroidered blocks, in addition to McTavishing for the background fill for each embroidered block.

UPDATE:  Just when I was all ready to post, we lost our power for 18 hours overnight yesterday.  Wind chills went to -45 below 0!  Thank goodness for little generator - at least we were able to keep our household temps above 50 ;-)  Now, if we can keep it on one more night, windchills are projected at -50 below tonight - let's keep our fingers AND toes crossed and covered up!

Jade's Dr. Who quilt...
Angela Walter's playful 'pulley' quilting motif w/McTavishing


All ready for binding - yippee!
Dr. Who Quilt stats:
Binding will commence just as soon as I make one last trip upstairs to the quilting studio to make sure the heat and water are still working while letting the golden bears/retrievers out for another quick romp and I FINALLY get to take a nice loooong HOT shower....

UPDATE 1/07/2014:  my dear DIL, Emily snapped this photo yesterday sitting in their truck while my son dropped off an LP heater for us, prior to our power returning:

My golden bears/retrievers (brothers) on duty 'guarding' the TITAN generator!
I had to let them out 'occasionally' for short romps in the snow, which they love, and for potty breaks.  Because of the cold temps, we just couldn't let them stay out for too long.  However, whenever ANYONE pulls into the driveway, they insist on being put back on duty, even if only for a few minutes, as in this case when my son and his new bride came by with another heater and generator for one of our farm buildings that has/had running water ;-) 

Stay safe & warm,

PS...I was in such a rush to take my nice looong HOT shower I totally forgot to mention one other HUGE quilting element of Judi Madsen's.  Every Dr. Who fabric filler block utilized her continuous double/triple circle quilting motif.  I also included it on several of the blue borders using the silver thread. This quilting motif creates great eye candy, simple to do once you practice it for a few minutes and most importantly FUN!  You can find it and many, many more incredible quilting designs in her new book, "Quilting Wide Open Spaces", and I featured it in one of my recent blog postings, "A First for My Blog...;-)"

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  1. With weather like that, great to be able to stay indoors. Hope the power stays on and that you're able to stay warm and safe. My daughter lives outside Cincinnati and I always worry when it gets so cold back there....

  2. Yes it is! Hope your daughter stays safe and warm, too. This weather is more than a little scary and quite dangerous. We've been very fortunate so far and will most definitely say our prayers again tonight, praying for the safety of ALL.

  3. Deb, the quilt looks WONDERFUL!!! I am SO glad you have the generator, phew! Here in Cleveland it's only -10 with chill of -36 this morning. The day job is going to have to be happy with me staying indoors. May your power stay on full tilt boogie and everyone (critters included) stay safe and warm. ~ Christina