Friday, December 6, 2013

A First for my Blog...;-)

I've recommended LOTS of quilting books and tools and fabrics and templates and*....BUT, I've never committed an entire blog posting to recommending anything, until now.  This brand-new quilting book by Judi Madsen is different:

"Quilting Wide Open Spaces" by Judi Madsen
...and the amazingly talented author is very different, too.  Judi Madsen's book is chock-FULL of the most pleasing quilting eye candy!  Even though I knew I was going to have to get up early to scoop snow and ice, I stayed up well past Midnight trying to take it ALL in.  It wasn't until later that I even realized not only are there some eye-popping quilting designs, but quilt patterns to ALL the gorgeous quilts themselves are included in the book w/excellent descriptive instructions and wonderful illustrations - and every quilting design outline AND quilt pattern are included on a CD with .pdf printables!

Here's one of my favorite examples:

and another:

But my very favorite (so far;-), is this gorgeous red/black/white beauty - Betty and my favorite colors:

Modern Flowers quilt in Red/White/Black - our favorite colors!
This book is genuinely 'Judi', which showcases not only her incredibly amazing quilt talent, but her beautiful spirit as well.  My Christmas Wish for EVERYONE is that you will wake up to find this awe-inspiring book in your stocking on Christmas morning...don't forget to ask Santa!

Happy Quilting (and shopping) EVERYONE,

PS...Judi Madsen's brand-new book, "Quilting Wide Open Spaces", available here:

Signed Copy

*PLEASE NOTE:  I am not affiliated in any way shape or form w/author, the book publisher, and am not being compensated to say/write any of my recommendations for this book.  In fact I pre-ordered and paid for my copy months ago and would do it again in a heartbeat - I just love recommending products I use and enjoy...and hope you do, too!


  1. GREAT review Deb!!! And while I do not comment on every post, I do read each and every one with glee. :) Thank you so much for sharing your adventure!
    ~ Christina in Cleveland

    1. Thank YOU, Christina! You are soooo sweet to drop by and leave such a nice comment. I'm thrilled you've joined 'Betty Boop & I' on our FUN adventure - we look forward to many more ;-)

      Please do stop by again when you have the time - we LOVE having company...


  2. I'll have to check this out... I love when a book comes with a CD/DVD. Thanks for the review.