Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's almst HERE! - Ushering in 2014 w/Creativity and Inspirational Wishes for YOU... ;-)

I searched long and hard to find just the perfect pieces to escort us into our New Year of 2014, and I think I've come up with the winning combo.  The first is one more beautifully inspiring composition from those divinely creative Piano Guys in their recent concert at Red Butte Garden.  The surprises in this piece are breath taking, and encompass my message to you for 2014 - Please Enjoy!

The second is an astounding Quilt of Valor quilt top, sent to me once again by Clairellen of the Quirky Quilters Guild in Wisconsin, correction Michigan!  (Don't know WHY I keep getting their address/state wrong, but surely sooner or later I will finally get this right...Thanks Clairellen ;-)  This stunning 3D QOV top will be one of the most challenging and FUN quilt tops for me to quilt, and I look forward to loading it onto my frame as one of the very first quilt tops in the New Year:

Irene's gorgeous 3D Quilt of Valor, ready to be quilted in 2014!
What better way to ring in the New Year than with a gorgeous Quilt Of Valor!  This quilt top is not only impeccably pieced by Irene, but each star is a 3D work of art.  Once loaded onto my frame, I will showcase close-ups of this incredible quilt top.  I've mapped out most of the quilting for this creative piece, still working out a few last minute details, but should have those resolved once it's all nice and loaded and I start the SID stabilization process prior to the FUN quilting, which allows me to better 'get to know' the quilt.  You can be sure, McTavishing will play a huge role in the final quilting outcome w/a few inspirational quilting twists from Professional Quilt Artists, Angela Walters, along with some template magic of Kimmy Brunner's.

This QOV (along w/a few others ;-) has been in my quilting queue for quite some time and I sooo appreciate the patience and generosity Irene has bestowed upon me in allowing a much needed quilting delay...Thank YOU, Irene!

And now, like I always say...time to get back to it!

Stay safe and have a wonderful Happy New Year!!!

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  1. We just can't wait to see this Quilt of Valor done up right! By you....