Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vintage Scrappies on the Rise...

So once again, it's been awhile since my last post - sorry...just been so bummed over ALL the delays and delays and delays w/quilt/sewing's been 6 months and counting!  Anyway as always, I resorted to my vintage stash for a much needed stress buster:

It's a little 'puffy' but it's quilt-able ;-)  Can hardly wait to get this frame 'out' of the dining room area and into it's studio - just a little while longer!

I settled on my tried-and-true favorite form of quilting, especially on a vintage piece that's rather delicate with older fabrics, thread, and large hand piecing stitches...meander quilting!  I love how it flattens and stabilizes ALL at the same time:

It always amazes me just how much quilting can enhance a quilt!

And I never know if I can keep such a crooked and puck-ery quilt 'straight' throughout the quilting process, but I guess my practice/experience is starting to pay off because it came out fairly even and balanced:

Not too shabby...

I still haven't bound it yet, trying to decide just what to use since it has a hunter green border but, I think I've decided to dig into my 1930's reproduction fabric strips and make a nice, colorful, multi-faceted border.

And now, I just finished piecing a machine quilting sampler that's very Asian/eclectic flavored w/oceanic soothing color palette - quite different for me but it works and will be a nice addition to a guest bedroom that is lacking a lap wrap, sooooo time to get it on the frame for some serious laser beam quilting I've been wanting to try!



  1. I like it! I have to agree - when all else fails (or no inspiration strikes), I turn to free hand meander as well.

  2. Thanks and Yes - free hand meander has solved many quilting dilemmas for me, especially on the vintage tops that aren't so nice and square ;-)