Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Quilting a Log Cabin QOV w/Updates...

Made some fairly good progress on one of the most recent Quilts of Valor I received from Clairellen and those Quirky Quilters in Michigan:

McTavishing in the deep blue borders w/spikey flourished feathers throughout the logs
More freehand McTavishing in the upper border
Spikey flourished feathers w/McTavishing

Using one of my very favorite threads to quilt - LAVA Diamond Head, and it is quilting up beautifully!

I chose to take a queue from some of the blue log cabin fabrics, which had a swirl flourish motif - seems to be working out well and a bonus, it's FUN to do!

Jamie Wallen swirl technique

Welcome Back, Baxter - you dawg! ;-)
One of our wayward golden bears/retrievers decided to go on a 'Spring Fling' as one of my neighbors referred to his recent antics, for almost a week!  Whatever it was, we're glad he's back!

Now that I no longer have to spend my time driving up and down our country roads searching for my golden bear, I've been able to make more quilting headway!  I'm about halfway through this awesome Log Cabin QOV that 'Terri' did such an amazing job of piecing - hope to be all finished up by week's end.  I'll post updates when I finish and now...time to get back to the FUN!

UPDATE 3/20/2014:  Finished and ready to ship!

Patriotic Log Cabin QOV coming off the frame
McTavished side border up close

Spikey feather quilting w/swirl accents up close


Aren't these spikey feathers w/swirls neat?
And they match the eagle feathers in the center motif

Love the texture created w/feathering & McTavishing!
Patriotic Log Cabin QOV Stats:
Another real honor to have been chosen to quilt this amazing Patriotic Log Cabin Quilt of Valor - Thank YOU for the opportunity, a true pleasure!



  1. So very nice, Deb. Your quilting gives so much texture.

    1. Thank YOU, Miss Katie,
      You're sweet to say such nice things about my quilting ;-)

      See You soon,