Sunday, July 21, 2013

Finishing Up the first of the QBBs...

Just putting the finishing touches on the first of 10 Quilts Beyond Borders quilts I am currently working on:

Vining quilt on the left, 'swirl quilt' on the right
Swirl quilt getting 'swirl quilted' w/HQ groovy boards - LOVE this look!

Back of Swirls

I really had FUN quilting these swirls w/HQ Groovy boards and will definitely use these again in future quilts.  I like how once you get everything lined up, there's really not much to stress about, just keep that stylus 'in the groove'...;-)

Attaching the double-fold binding to the back

All finished up and ready to ship w/first two
I will be shipping the first 4 out the beginning of the week, and continue to work on the remaining quilts...
Sooo, like I always say...Time to get back to the FUN!


  1. They look great! How do you like your groovy boards? They intrigue me greatly, though I cannot justify spending another dime this least not until I sell my old mid-arm machine!

    1. Thanks! I really like the HQ Groovy Boards, especially when I want/need a quick all-over quilting design and I don't have time to fuss over it. Once you get the hang of what I refer to as 'quilting in the blind' at the back of the machine - like w/pantos, then it's smooth sailin' and quite FUN!

      I've purchased MANY of my Groovy boards from other members on our quilting forums and have enjoyed great savings and service from ALL of them, so keep your eyes open for those bargains ;-)

      Quilt ON!

  2. Great work as always. I never did use the groovy boards I had with my first quilting set up - maybe it was the type I had (Grace Co.) I find I still do 98% of my quilting free hand - I'm too impatient to mess with rulers, stencils, etc.... But I do need to find my way out of a rut and do something new!

  3. Thanks, Deb. I really love Baptist Fans and I think the only way I could be happy with how they turned out, would be to use the Groovy boards. I love the swirls you have there too. Another thing for the wish list!