Quilts 'N Things Long Arm Quilting Services w/Pricing

The following Quilts 'N Things Long Arm Quilting Service Fee Pricing is provided as a basic guideline.  Ultimately, your final quilting service fee will be determined based on your combined quilting choices - including additional options for multiple thread applications, quilt battings and backings.

· Bastingno longer available

· Large meander or Edge-to-Edge (E2E), overall design, (5” and up): pricing starting at $.015/sq. in. ( .015 cent per square inch)

· Semi-custom including SID: pricing starting at $.020/sq. in.

· Custom Quilting (3” - 5”): pricing starting at $.025/sq. in.

· Extreme Custom Quilting w/individual block & border design:  pricing starting at $.030/sq. in.

Tango quilting is our custom quilting specialty - our version of McTavishing.  Most any quilt can easily support and be enhanced with Tango quilting—whether as an overall design or in custom areas as background fill, thus making your heirloom quilt project entirely unique and even more precious.  Multiple examples are available on our blog:   http://DoneByBettyBoop.blogspot.com  

If you have a particular application or quilting perspective you envision for your heirloom quilt project, we welcome and encourage discussing your ideas during your private consultation—whether over the phone or during your appointed consultation time in person.

Quilts 'N Things Longarm Quilting Services Pricing Estimates
Crib Lap/Throw Twin Double Queen King
Size 36 x 60 56 x 78 63 x 87 78 x 87 84 x 92 106 x 98
Square Inches 2160 4368 5481 6786 7728 10388
                                  Price/Sq. Inch
Lg.Meander/E2E 5"+
$0.015 $32.40 $65.52 $82.22 $101.79 $115.92 $155.82
$0.020 $43.20 $87.36 $109.62 $135.72 $154.56 $207.76
Custom/E2E 3" - 5" 
$0.025 $54.00 $109.20 $137.03 $169.65 $193.20 $259.70
Extreme Custom
$0.030 $64.80 $131.04 $164.43 $203.58 $231.84 $311.64

Compare Keepsake Quilting's Finish Quilt Program Pricing here:  

Keepsake Quilting's Longarm Quilting Pricing w/Chart
To understand longarm quilting pricing a bit better, Please follow this blog link for additional info:  http://andicrafts.me/why-does-my-longarm-quilter-charge-so-much/ 

You are welcome to provide your own batting, as long as it meets the minimum requirements for Long Arm Quilting, or you may select one of ours.  Our battings are selected for premium performance and endurance.  We use most ALL lofts of Quilters Dream batting in addition to Hobbs 80/20.  Pricing starting at $13.99/linear yd.

Again, you are welcome to provide your own backing, as long as it meets the minimum requirements for Long Arm Quilting, or you may select one of ours.  We use high quality, minimum 200 thread count, 'quilt shop quality' fabrics.  Pricing starting at $14.95 per crib size backing.  Please see Quilt Top Preparation for additional details.

Once we receive your Long Arm Quilting Service Deposit Fee, we will begin quilting your heirloom quilt project based on all the quilting applications you have chosen and agreed upon.  

Please Do NOT pay your Long Arm Quilting Service Deposit Fee until you have:

  • Consulted with one of our Professional Long Arm Quilting Specialists and discussed your quilting options 
  • Received via email/Fax/in person your Long Arm Quilting Service Fee Quote w/Quilting Proposal(s) 
  • Accepted ONE (1) of those Proposals by submitting an endorsed Long Arm Quilting Work Order ...Thanks!

Contact Me with any questions or concerns you may have - we're not happy until you are completely happy ;-)

Long Arm Quilting Service Deposit Fee

T-Shirt Memory Quilt Pricing: http://donebybettyboop.blogspot.com/p/t-shirt-memory-quilt-pricing.html

A 7.75% Illinois State Sales Tax is applicable on batting, thread, and backing fabrics.
*All pricing subject to change without further notice.

Please Note: We reserve the right to refuse any quilt top we feel would best be quilted by another Professional Quilt Artist...Thank YOU!

 "It's not a quilt 'til it's quilted...!"


  1. It's fascinating to watch your work, Deb. Your attention to detail is amazing. Thanks so much.

    1. Thanks, Clairellen! You are such a sweetheart to say so ;-) It has been a true honor and pleasure to work w/you and your Quirky Quilters, and especially to play a part in quilting your guild's Quilts of Valor, such beautiful quilt tops you ALL have shared...Together 'we' have become a pretty good TEAM...

      Quilt ON!