T-Shirt Memory Quilt Pricing

· $20.00 per T-shirt to D-bone, stabilize, trim, sew into quilt top
· Borders are optional, pricing subject to finished quilt size
· Long arm quilting service fee pricing includes special T-shirt batting
· Custom Quilting service fee starting at $0.015 per square inch
· Custom embroidered quilt labels start at $25.00 ea.
· Custom QR coded quilt labels start at $15.00 ea

T-Shirt Memory Quilt Requirements

· T-shirts = 15—20 T-shirts are needed for standard size quilt
· T-shirt stabilizer = we ONLY use Pellon 906F NON-woven fusible interfacing/stabilizer, usually 5—10 yards are required, depending on desired finished size of T-shirt Memory quilt
· Additional fabrics for background/sashings/backing/binding, we will be happy to provide yardage requirements, based on your desired finished quilt size.  Most backings require 5 yards.

We provide: Special T-shirt long arm quilt batting and the special T-shirt long arm quilting thread(s).  Our pricing is based on one (1) quilt batting per T-shirt Memory quilt and one (1) thread color.  Additional charges may apply for additional custom quilting thread colors.

A special blog posting on How T-shirt Memory Quilts are made can be found by following this blog link:  http://donebybettyboop.blogspot.com/2015/05/special-t-shirt-memory-quilt-reveal-for.html

Additional examples may be found on our blog:  http://DoneByBettyBoop.blogspot.com  

Assembly/border/sashing fabrics and backing materials will be required for the construction of your T-shirt Memory quilt.  We will be happy to share local area fabric shop choices, as well as online fabric shopping options.  Your personal fabric selections will help make your T-shirt Memory quilt even more memorable.

T-Shirt Sizing Options

 # T-shirts         12” blocks        15” blocks
12 shirts                  42 x 56                  51 x 68
16 shirts                  56 x 56                  68 x 68
20 shirts                  56 x 69                  68 x 84
25 shirts                  69 x 69                  84 x 84
30 shirts                  69 x 83                  84 x 101
36 shirts                  83 x 83                 101 x 101

To understand longarm quilting pricing a bit better, Please follow this blog link for additional info:  http://andicrafts.me/why-does-my-longarm-quilter-charge-so-much/ 

Standard T-shirt Memory Quilt Sizing

Small/Child: 36 x 48  *requires 10—14 small/medium T-shirts
Twin: 68 x 86
Full/Queen: 86 x 86
King: 100 x 90

*All sizes are approximate.  If you need a specific size for your  finished T-shirt Memory quilt, additional borders may be added to increase the size.  Border pricing is subject to desired finished quilt size.

Deposit Fee:
A minimum $99.00 deposit fee is required for ALL T-shirt Memory quilts...Thank YOU!

T-Shirt Memory Quilt Deposit

A 7.75% Illinois State Sales Tax is applicable on batting, thread, and backing fabrics.
*All pricing subject to change without further notice.

Please Note: We reserve the right to refuse any quilt top we feel would best be quilted by another Professional Quilt Artist...Thank YOU!

 "It's not a quilt 'til it's quilted...!"

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