Thursday, May 10, 2012

Flower Power to the Rescue!

Thank goodness I spotted this quilt top over at Aunt Bea's Quilts - it's a perfect Birthday gift for someone special in our family.  I tentatively named it Flower Power - what do you think?:

Aunt Bea's 'Flower Power' to the rescue!

A nice meander seemed fitting for this fun & fanciful top

I couldn't resist taking a side view...

...and a frontal view - gives great perspective... ;-)

This was one of those quilt tops that was fun to quilt and seemed it was finished almost as soon as it got started!  But I needed a nice/quick gift and this one fit the bill to a Tee - turned out great, don't you think...?:

A little binding w/personalized quilt label and this Birthday gift is done!

I like to refer to this type of quilts as a "Hug 'n Lug" quilt, meaning - a quilt you don't have to worry about because it wasn't made to be a keepsake, or tucked away in a trunk or closet for posterity, or made to compete in a show - no, No, NO!   This type of quilt is made especially for the intended to 'hug and drag or lug around', aka a '"Hug 'n Lug" for short ;-).

I'm off to bind and design that perfectly personalized quilt label for my latest 'Hug 'n Lug" - catch up w/you later...

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  1. I like it! I agree with the meander for the quilting. I have yet to make that I wanted put 'on the shelf', I want them all loved to the point of rags, then I know I was successful :-)