Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Progress on Carpenter's Star for Judy's Online Feather Class...

Well after more than a few days of slow/intermittent/no internet connection due to ALL the wonderful Spring storms we've been having ;-), finally able to make a post.  In spite of the increment weather, working on youngest dd's home getting ready for first cook-out on Sunday, (got the deck washed & rinsed and ready for stain/sealant tomorrow - too windy today!), made some progress on the Carpenter's Star we need for Judy Laquidara's F R E E online feather quilting class June 1, 2012:

The Gold Star in the middle is a nice touch, don't you think?

Using a patriotic theme in honor of the upcoming holidays and because I've wanted a Memorial Day/4th of July/Veteran's Day Star quilt for awhile now to display in honor of our Vets, including my DFIL who was a WWII Veteran and my Dad was a master carpenter - this Carpenter's Star quilt will serve well for all these purposes along with the Feather class.

Because I was kind of in a hurry and didn't want to cut out individual triangles and sew the half square triangles (HSTs) together, I decided to see if the(SNS) method would work.  Using Jodi's magic math formula, I came up w/following numbers:  to yield  6 1/2" HST quilt blocks I needed 9 3/4" center squares w/5" side strips sewn to ALL four sides of the center square, trim according to SNS directions then cut through centers and Voila!  Each unit yields four (4) Half Square Triangles (HSTs):

Sewing the 3rd and 4th - 5" blue sides onto center 9 3/4" muslin square

All ready for trimming...

After counting the total number of HSTs in each color pair family, i.e., blue/muslin, red/muslin, blue/red, dark gold/muslin, light gold/muslin, dark gold/light gold, the math revealed the following:
  • (12) 6 1/2" red/muslin HSTs
  • (12) 6 1/2" blue/muslin HSTs
  • (12) 6 1/2" red/blue HSTs
  • (4)   6 1/2" dark gold/light gold HSTs
  • (4)   6 1/2" dark gold/muslin HSTs
  • (4)   6 1/2" light gold/muslin HSTs
  • ALWAYS check math for each individual project - nothing is infallible, including me!
And we already know we get four (4) HSTs out of each SNS unit soooo, 12 divided by 4 = 3 total units and 4 divided by 4 = 1 total unit I needed to make out of each color pair family respectively to yield the necessary HSTs i.e., (3) red/muslin units, (3) blue/muslin units, (3) red/blue units, (1) dark gold/light gold unit, (1) dark gold/muslin unit, etc., here's one of the red/blue units w/one side already 'trimmed':

First side trimmed..

These units are quite large and not simply trimmed since they are larger than the typical SNS rulers so I had to improvise for my cuts after I lined up w/SNS ruler, I grabbed a longer ruler to make my cuts.  I am planning on using my trimmings for a smaller doll quilt I've promised and for a miniature patriotic display, so won't have too many leftovers after all that.  

Please Note:  Jodi Barrows* does not promote or recommend making these type of large units due to the challenges of getting accurate cuts.  And as I mentioned, it does require paying attention to make sure EVERYTHING is all lined up nice and pretty prior to making that long swiping cut.  This is not for the faint of heart, but it was FUN and you know me, always up for a good challenge.  I did have extra fabric on hand in case I made any mistakes but...I lucked out and didn't have to use any of it ;-).  

And Please don't forget the (16) 6 1/2" muslin squares you will need to piece the entire Carpenter's Square together plus the Borders and border triangles.  I did follow the original directions rather than trying to utilize the SNS method since those border trinagles are not typical HSTs, and mirror images are required, so I just stuck to the original plans given over at Judy's at Patchwork Times.

Hopefully, will be able to get back to it and sew ALL the units together early next week.  For now, need to get back to quilting a surprise B'day present for a dear person...


*Disclaimer:  I am NOT affiliated in any way shape or form w/SNS, Jodi Barrows and/or their business ventures.  I only share methods, tools, gadgets, gizmos, etc., what I use and enjoy...;-)

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