Thursday, May 1, 2014

Another Wacky Wednesday on May 1...

Been a little busy and just looked up to see it's already May 1st!  How did that happen?  Time is fast getting away from me sooo, time to get with it!  Here's what I've been up to in between ALL the MidWest Spring storms we've been dodging:

Terri's neat & colorful QOV loaded and started quilting
Again, I have really struggled with how to quilt this really unique Quilt of Valor.  Course, I could run a panto over it fast & furious, and it would be just fine but, I really wanted something special for this one, (seems like I ALWAYS want something special for each and every one of these QOVs but, that's not a bad thing now is it?)  Anyway, finally came up w/a few quilting ideas that I do believe will be rather unique.  Here's the first:

Quilting SOAR eagles around Stars

You'll remember, I used this same eagle motif on another of Terri's quilts, her gorgeous Blue/Gold/Cream QOV Log Cabin, and it worked out really well.  However, it was a bit hard to see in photos but, Terri liked it so that's the most important thing, right?

Decided to do some ruler work coming off some of the points of each pieced star:

Ruler work w/alternating w/waves

Still working out all the details for the final ruler work and background fill but I do believe it will satisfy my desire for my quilting to honor this special quilt.  I'll keep you posted w/updates. ;-)

And of course, had to do some McTavishing in the borders ;-)
 While the storms were raging through our area, couldn't run Miss Betty w/lightning, and power being threatened but, I can always run my vintage, non-computerized Singer straight-stitch machines.  And that's what I did by piecing more Hearth & Home blocks for the National QOV Block Drive.

Red/Gold/Cream H & H Blocks

Blue/Cream Hearth & Home Blocks
Red Stars w/Cream Hearth & Home


If you would like to learn how you can participate, Please visit this link: for all the details, including the F R E E download of the Quilts of Valor Hearth & Home block...Thanks!

23 Hearth & Home Blocks and counting...just 3 more to go to satisfy my commitment of 26...Yippee!

Time to get back to it...

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