Friday, February 21, 2014

Quilting a 9-Patch QOV w/Updates

Another really neat Quilt of Valor has come up in my quilting queue via Clairellen of those Quirky Quilters in Michigan, and the piecing is exquisite:

Cynthia's 9-patch Quilt of Valor - gorgeous!
While commenting to Clairellen what a joy this quilt was to SID, she replied back to me that this quilt's creator, Cynthia, is a phenomenal quilter, and her applique quilting is award winning.  A picture was worth a million words - Oh My!  To say this quilter is a Phenomenal Applique Quilt Artist, would certainly be an understatement.  If I can get permission to share a pic of one of her award winning quilts, I will - the one I saw was jaw-dropping!

Course, I gulped a bit, now knowing who I was quilting for.  I always try to do my very best but, now I know I definitely need to stay on top of my quilting game for this quilter ;-)

So glad I chose to take a break from my traditional quilting and do some focus work w/templates - it's perfect for this quilt and complements ALL the precision piecing so nicely: 

Creating 'orange peel' quilting design in each corner square w/HQ circle template

After ALL the SID work was completed, time to begin the FUN quilting:

First 2 corners quilted prior to quilting remainder of the star

I got the idea of how to quilt this neat 9-patch from Professional Quilt Artist, Deloa Jones, watching one of her many videos late one night:

I thought this was an ingenious method for quilting a 9-patch, and how appropriate for a Quilt of Valor since the secondary design is a star!  After spending a bit of time gathering just the right templates to give me those perfect stitching lines, I was on my way!

Tweaked the center motif to create a secondary star motif using HQ half circle template
Isn't that neat?
Using a Pro-Echo Large template from Stonehouse Quilting to create the continuous star angles/points
An outside star w/center star motif - love it!
I'm adding X's in each red cornerstone square, which should complement nicely the double zig-zag pattern that will be added to each white sashing strip.  I'm saving the red borders for last - they'll be a nice surprise I think, that should give that extra pizzazz to this really great quilt.

UPDATE 3/5/2014 - finally able to add the additional photos of this finished quilt:

Getting ready for white sashing quilting

Corner 9-patch block w/border & sashing quilting

All finished and ready to be packed and shipped!

This Quilt of Valor quilt was a true pleasure and honor to quilt - got some great practicing in on my template quilting - Thank YOU!

According to tracking information, this quilt has arrived safe and sound, ready to be bound and labeled...

Alrighty then, like I always say...time to get back to it!


  1. Really nice, Deb. I want to come play with your gadgets. You seem to always have the neatest tools.

  2. Anytime, Miss Katie - just say the word and I'll get the guest bed all ready for you ;-) Right now, it is piled high w/spring organization! Remember I told you that April 1, 2014 is my FINAL day to get EVERYTHING from 2013 finished up/organized - still plugging away on that LOOOONG list, but I'm getting to check off a few things, too, in spite of Mother Nature and ALL her winter madness she's thrown at us this year!

    Got half my quilting studio better organized and LOVING it, just need to finish the second half and mount the shelving that still needs built (by me), and that's when I stumbled across a few rulers/templates I hadn't seen/remembered in awhile and decided to put them to use on this quilt.

    In fact, I have a Women's Shelter quilt coming up in my quilt queu next weekend that will get use of some of these rulers as well for you and QFC...

    Hope you are getting to enjoy this wonderful weather (at least 'we' are FINALLY having some) - I've been able to quilt 3 days this week, the most in one week since November...Happy Days!

    Thanks for stopping by - I always enjoy seeing/reading what you have to say,