Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wacky Wednesday - back again!

Lots going on, so we'll get right to it!  First, been working on getting some of my First Ladies BOM blocks completed, here are a couple:

One of the First Ladies BOMs blocks just getting completed

First Ladies Block - Rosalynn Carter

Another of the First Ladies completed BOM block

Most of my BOMs, including ALL of my Civil War BOMs to date, come from the  And in a word, AWESOME!  I love their line of products, exceptional customer service, and timely shipping. 


Received my new-to-me Singer Spartan for Valentine's, just now getting it out to take for a spin:

Singer SPARTAN sewing machine - in wonderful condition
Used it to finish piecing the Moda Robert Kaufman batik jelly roll strips:

I purchased two of these jelly rolls awhile back and you may remember, used one of them to create a Hurricane Sandy quilt, Serenity, which I loved soooo much, decided to make another one 'similar' to that one.

Received a box FULL of quilts from a very special online quilting buddy 'Katie' of Katie and Kwilts destined for some important charitable works in the very near future - Thank YOU, Katie (and Mickey ;-):

And last but certainly not least, FINALLY found my Anniversary car after searching for over a month, and drove him home recently:
2014 Cadillac SRX - one sweet ride!
Now, I have absolutely NO excuse why I cannot leave my driveway when the next MidWest winter storm decides to show up!

For now, time to get back to the FUN...

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  1. You are one busy lady. Love those "First Lady" blocks -great fabrics, too. And, you're welcome - wish there could have been more (quilts) to send...