Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Special T-shirt Memory Quilt Reveal for Super-Special Graduating Cheerleader w/Updates

Been a little quiet while Miss Betty & I have been working 'behind the scenes' to create this special Memory T-shirt quilt for a very special graduating cheerleader:

One of the Memory T-shirt blocks
First, getting started:

D-boning the first T-shirt

D-boned and ready for the PRESS

Second step - stabilization w/HOT steam press:

Keeping hands & fingers away from the top of the press
is a very good thing!
Third step - time for ALL D-boned, pressed & stabilized t-shirts to dry overnight:

Let the drying begin!
Stacks of D-boned/stabilized t-shirts ready to dry overnight

Fourth step - the sewing of the sashings and borders:

Borders and sashings all cut and ready to assemble
The sewing begins
Fifth step - assembly of the t-shirts and the sashings & borders but First, time for a little math!  Since yours truly got the brilliant idea to NOT cut each T-shirt the same boring size, especially since said t-shirt wearer/owner is not very big in stature thus, said t-shirts are not very big either soooo, decided to change things up a bit.  The result was - since t-shirts are ALL different sizes, sashings would also ALL be different sizes!

Time for some quick measurements:

Measurements of each block per row
And then adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing to get the final results for each block's sashing:

Never thought ALL that math we learned in school would come in handy...
learn those math facts folks - there isn't a calculator in the world that could take these measurements and determine how to best sash out each t-shirt block!
Alrighty then - time for the final assembly:

Determining 'which t-shirt goes where' can take a bit of time -
kind of like putting together a FUN puzzle
But the final result is well worth the time spent:

All ready for final borders and the ultimate FUN...freehand quilting!
The borders have ALL been attached and the quilt is now on the frame getting quilted.  We chose a freehand quilting design that resembles a Lion's mane that we'll quilt in matte silver - fitting for a Marshall Lion Cheerleader T-shirt Memory quilt, don't you think?

Please Note: we've had some questions about this quilting design - this entire quilting design is hand-guided freehand style quilting w/NO computer driven quilting applied to any part of this quilt...'Miss Betty' and my favorite type of quilting...Thanks for asking!

Time to get back to quilting for the final reveal:

ALL ready for quilting
UPDATE 5-20-2015: Quilting is DONE!

Border quilting

Close-up of the pieced back - I always enjoy flipping the quilt over to see the backs ;-)

The final recipient of this T-shirt Memory quilt's Mom, hand-picked each and EVERY one of these coordinating fabrics - including the batiks!  They are indeed gorgeous - due to their nature, took almost two hours to freehand quilt each pass...and there were 12 total passes Plus borders ;-).

UPDATE 5-22-2015: Binding!

Check back for updates of the final reveal w/quilting, binding, special embroidered label.

UPDATE 5/24/2015 - QR coded label:

Special QR coded label that will scan straight to this blog posting w/any tag reader - neat, huh?
Custom embroidery quilt label for Kodie:

Stitching out the embroidery label

And drum roll, Please - the Final reveal:

ALL finished, ready to make it's final journey to meet the actual owner ;-)
This T-shirt Memory quilt has been an unforgettable experience for me and 'Miss Betty' and we feel truly honored to have been chosen to help encapsulate a few of Kodie's precious memories into her special quilt.

Continued Success and Good Luck to her as she embarks on the next chapter of her life.


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  1. Love this quilt! True memory of 4 years as a MHS Cheerleader . Thank younDeb!