Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Toss-Up Tuesday...w/Updates

What a busy, busy weekend/week so far - got quite a bit done, I'm pleased to say!  Finished up a UFO for the DGD - her upcoming B'day present, a personalized Dr. Who quilt:

Neat, huh?

You'll remember, I made her some matching Dr. Who pillow cases earlier for music camp

Should be able to get it quilted prior to her B'day in late October - just don't tell her, it's a secret!

UPDATE 1/07/2014:
Dr. Who Quilt blog links from start to finish:

Dr. Who coming off the frame...FINALLY!: http://donebybettyboop.blogspot.com/2014/01/dr-who-finally-coming-off-my-frame.html 

Dr. Who Embroidery Designs:  available from Tammi D. of Small Town Embroidery w/10 Dr. Who digital embroidery designs in 3 different sizes.
Finished up 3 of the 6 quilts needing to be quilted for those busy QFC ladies:
SewFest Quilt #1 - Eagle/Star quilt coming off the frame

SewFest #2 - Patriotic Log Cabin
...the third quilt is on the frame just about finished up and should come off later today, and quilt #4 is ready to load.  Here's a few pics of that progress:

McTavish and outline quilted w/clear mono-poly
Fireworks quilted w/Rainbows Patriotic in needle, Maxi-Lock in bobbin
SewFest #3 - Fireworks & Stars Veteran's Quilt coming off the frame
UPDATE:  10/07/2013 - these first 3 QFC SewFest quilts have been shipped and received.

AND, I decided it was FINALLY time to finish putting together my Modern Day Hero, Patriotic Boots quilt.  Here's where I am so far:

I spend about 4 hours each day piecing/embroidering and 4-6 hours quilting - it's a nice balance for me right now ;-)

Modern Day Hero, Patriotic Boots quilt finally getting assembled!

Since I also have two QBBs, a Quilt of Valor, a wedding quilt to finish up, and 2 additional gift quilts in my quilt queue...

Time to get back to it...

Update:  just got these block strips assembled and ready to sew together:

Boy would a design wall look good right now - but the TV room carpet will just have to do ;-)


  1. Your work is amazing - I need to come play and learn some new techniques :-)

  2. Miss Katie - you are such a sweetheart, Thank YOU! Anytime you want to come and play, there's a spot for you right next to me by my quilting frame ;-) Betty and I would be honored to have you and you are far too modest, I've seen some of your quilts and YOU would be the one to teach me a thing or two, my quilting buddy!

    Quilt ON!

  3. My son and I are both Whovians. I love your quilt - and kudos for digitizing the designs! I wish my Embird skills are that good but they aren't. Very nicely done!