Sunday, October 21, 2012

Quilt Top Preparation

Quilt Top Preparation

These guidelines are to help ensure that your finished quilted heirloom will be as beautiful as you anticipate: 
  • Do NOT pin or baste the quilt sandwich (top, batting & backing)
  • Press seams well so they lie flat, but do not stretch or distort fabric
  • Remove ALL loose threads and stray pins
  • Check ALL seams and re-stitch any seams if necessary
  • Square-up the quilt top by measuring diagonally through the center of the quilt on both sides - these measurements should be the same
  • Pin the head of the top with a safety pin
Please Note:  Additional fees may be incurred for any quilt top preparation that is required prior to loading and quilting on the long arm quilting machine, aka Betty Boop.

Download and Print Quilt Top Preparation Sheet


If you provide the backing fabric for your quilt top, Please make sure:
  • It is 100% cotton fabric, bleached or unbleached muslin works well or 180 - 200 thread count sheets (sheets also need to be 100% cotton fabrics)
  • Remove ALL selvages - selvages are much denser weave and will not quilt properly or launder well after quilting and will cause puckering and skipped stitches during the quilting process
  • If using a sheet for your backing, remove ALL hems in addition to selvages
  • If you piece the backing, Please press ALL seams open rather than to one side, and ensure they lie nice and flat.  Remove and/or clip ALL selvages in backing seams (removal of ALL selvages prior to piecing your top and backing is preferred)
  • Make sure your backing is at least 6" longer and wider on all four sides than your quilt top to allow enough fabric to load onto the longarm quilting machine.  Example: if your quilt top measures 100" x 100", then your backing fabric will need to measure 112" x 112", which allows 6 extra inches on ALL four sides.
Please feel free to print-out these Quilt Top Prep Guidelines for future reference for your own personal use.  Pricing info available here:  Long Arm Quilting Services  We now accept PayPal!  (PayPal payment options available on the Quilts 'N Things Long Arm Services Pricing Page, and you may scroll to the bottom of this page for more info.)

Contact Me with any additional questions you may have...Thank YOU!


 "It's not a quilt 'til it's quilted...!"

Additional quilt top information available here: How To handle wavy/uneven borders


  1. Good info, Deb. I'm currently working on 5 quilts made from clothing - I wish I had 'talked' to you before starting this. Quite a bit of the clothing was previously cut up in anticipation of creating a quilt - what a mess. The one thing I did learn - give the quilt maker the clothing intact! Anyway, I will be looking forward to your future posts.

  2. Poor Katie! Hope you get this figured out soon!!