Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday QOV Finish...

Just coming off the frame, this stunning Quilt of Valor turned out even more gorgeous than I originally envisioned:

Stunning Quilt of Valor coming off the frame
Left side w/Blue Stars
Right side w/Stars & Stripes
QOV Back
Red & White Stripes quilted w/Wave Quilting and McTavishing

Wave quilting in red stripes

Quilt of Valor Star
Quilt of Valor Stats:

  • 21.25 quilting hours
  • 18.5 bobbins using Amber to match gold backing fabric 
  • SID w/clear mono-poly
  • White/Tan background - LAVA Sandy Beach
  • Red areas - So Fine #40 Bush Fire variegated
  • Blue areas - LAVA Deep Sea
This Quilt of Valor is now officially quilted, pruned, boxed and ready to ship.  It has been a true honor for me to continue to participate in this Quilt of Valor project, and a joy to quilt this incredible Quilt of Valor Quilt...Thank YOU!

My Best to Each and Everyone who participated in this QOV Team Effort - Well Done,


  1. That's simply awesome! I like that you show the back where the detail of the quilting shows - great work..

  2. Thank You, Miss Katie - you're always there w/kind, sweet words ;-)

    Hope you're having a very Happy Birthday this week!

  3. The Quilt of Valor is so awesome....your work is very special and I can't think of a better destination for it than our courageous soldiers. Thank you so much, Deb. It is a masterpiece.