Friday, August 10, 2012

First QFC Veteran's Quilt Finished Up...

Had a fairly productive week this week and enjoyed exploring a new-for-me quilting technique - my version of 'McTavishing' on one of the Quilter's for Comfort quilt tops destined for a very special Veteran:

Labeled and ready to ship

Up close of of some of the 'McTavished' blocks - not too bad for a first effort...

Isn't the embroidery on these blocks fantastic?  I cannot take any credit as this quilt top was sent to me already embroidered and constructed by one of the QFC members, who obviously did an incredible job!

I enjoyed this 'McTavishing technique' so much I even added it to some of the borders!

Ta Da!  I think it turned out pretty good, don't you...;-)?

I will most definitely be utilizing this ingenious McTavishing technique on future quilts - what a fun time I had learning and quilting with it...I highly recommend learning this one!

And now, on to the next one...



  1. Great job, Deb and thank you so much for all you do for Quilters for Comfort. I hope you read the nice feed back we got recently from someone who received a thank you from one of the QFC quilts - it sure warms the heart that yes, we do make a difference.

  2. Thanks Katie - that means a bunch coming from one of the Quilter's for Comfort founders who's well known as the 'QFC energizer bunny', who just keeps giving and giving and giving...;-)