Friday, August 24, 2012

Frame Friday - what's on your frame, mine has...

One of our good online quilting friends from the home quilting systems group, Angie (the owner of the group ;-) came up with this great idea last week.  Soooo, to kick this off, it's Frame Friday - what's on your frame?  Mine has another Quilter's for Comfort (QFC) quilt top that some of our online members embroidered/pieced together and then send to those of us who volunteer to quilt/bind prior to shipping off to the intended:  

This quilt is destined for a very special Veteran.  Others go to children with cancer, homeless shelters, and various charities throughout the country.  Since its inception in 2006, QFC has donated over 1100 quilts and counting ALL through the efforts of volunteers!

I received two of these gorgeous tops and this is the second one (we are fortunate to have some very talented quilt artists amongst the members of our group who never cease to amaze me with all their quilting artistry).


I've enjoyed advancing my 'McTavishing' technique on both of these tops along w/SID, ruler & stencil work, and I learned so much and am having a ball quilting them.  I hope the receiver enjoys them half as much as I've enjoyed quilting them!

OK - like I always say, time to get back to it...



  1. I really like your McTavishing. I have a book and CD, but do you think I've tried the method????? It's on my 'want to do' list :-)

  2. Thanks Miss Katie! Sorry I missed your comment until now, just been having sooo much fun quilting I've only come up for air, potty breaks and peanut butter cookies ;-)

    You really should give this 'McTavishing' a try - it's a blast and the quilting seems to go so fast, for me anyway, especially as I get better, and of course there's LOTS of room for improvement but I'm more than willing to practice! Speaking of which, time to get back to it...

    So nice of you to drop by and Please do stop back by again soon,