Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Mash-up

Alrighty then - let's get to it!  Lots more busy work to show-off.  First, finished up those Quilts of Valor Hearth & Home blocks, got them embroidered and they are out for delivery in California as I write:

26 QOV Hearth & Home Blocks embroidered & shipped!
If you'd like to join us in this endeavor, Please follow this link to capture the Hearth & Home Block Drive quilt pattern which includes submission instructions:  It's also available on the home page...Thank YOU!

Finished quilting the very First Clark County 4-H Quilt of Valor created by 4-Her Phillip:

1st Clark County 4-H QOV coming off the frame
Got the binding applied to the Lady Liberty Quilt of Valor:

Top stitching Lady Liberty binding
Lady Liberty binding w/pen stitch using Rainbows Patriotic
Lady Liberty QOV quilt label getting embroidered:
Lady Liberty QOV quilt label
 Loaded Clark County 4-H QOV quilt #2 on the frame and started quilting Anna's Quilt of Valor:

Anna's QOV getting it's gorgeous blue borders McTavished ;-)
I'm quilting Anna's Quilt of Valor in Superior's So Fine #50 in Hot Chillies #412, including in the bobbin for the blue back, and it is quilting out amazing!  The borders are getting McTavished, no surprise there, and the panto comes from UrbanElementz - Star has some amazing pantos - typically, I purchase their 'digital' version 'cause I'm usually in a hurry, it's 1:00 am and I don't have time to wait for a snail mail shipment.

Star Dance panto w/McTavishing in the blue border
Also, I have the luxury of taking any digital panto, importing it into QuiltCad as a .DXF or .HQF file, saving in QuiltCad's native format .GPF, then using it to design single quilting motifs I can use from the front of 'Miss Betty' w/laser, or my favorite, ANY size of pantograph from the back.  I printed this one out as a 10", and while it may take a little time to tape the printer paper together, it's sooo worth it, since I can use these pantos over and over!

                                            Isn't the back panto quilting neat in Red?
Star Dance panto quilting in RED thread!

Time to get back to the quilting FUN!



  1. Deb these are stunning!! I love how the thread makes your wonderful quilting show up beautifully. And the blocks are amazing. Go Deb!!!
    ~ Christina in Cleveland

    1. Thanks, Christina - aren't you just the sweetest to say such nice things about my quilting and such ;-)

      Back to the FUN!

  2. I have Quilt Cad and have never been able to figure it out - I think I get too frustrated, too quickly...
    You do such nice work and these are no exception.

    1. How nice of you to stop by for a visit and Thank YOU, you always say the nicest things, Miss Katie!

      Sometime we need to get together and get you up and running on your QuiltCad - I know a few shortcuts that may surprise you that make it sooo simple you won't believe some tips from a puter buddy whose a QuiltCad ace ;-)

      Please do come back again soon,