Saturday, February 8, 2014

Quilting a 3-D Quilt of Valor w/Updates...

This amazing Quilt of Valor, created by 'Irene', comes to me, once again as a special request from a previous QOV Team Partner, Clairellen and the Quirky Quilters Guild from Michigan: 

Irene's 3-D Quilt of Valor quilt top - ready to be quilted
And FINALLY I am able to post quilting pics of this really inspiring quilt:

SOAR Eagle circular element

McTavishing and swirls around the 3-D Stars
Eagle w/McTavishing and swirls in backgrounds

Using my laser w/Soar Elements made this quilting challenge so much more FUN!

Using laser w/SOAR element on Pattern port from Bayside Quilting
Stitching the quilting design w/laser and SOAR eagle pattern element
Different SOAR Eagle Elements w/McTavishing
The 3 exterior borders are also utilizing the SOAR Grande pantograph.  Once I finish those up and take pics, I'll update this post prior to shipping.

3-D Quilt of Valor Stats:
UPDATE 2/19/2014:  It's FINISHED!!!  I can hardly believe I am FINALLY able to write those words.  This QOV has been camped out at my quilting studio FOREVER!  Between ALL the MidWest winter storms we keep having, fuel rationing for heating as a result of said storms, snow/ice covered steps to said studio, this frame quilting nut didn't think she was EVER going to be able to finish but...Finished it is!

Here are a few quick pics I snapped prior to getting this gorgeous hunk of quilt ready for shipping - enjoy!:

Red 3-D star w/McTavishing
Center SOAR Eagle Medallion

Flannel Backing - no skipped stitches, I'm happy to say!
SOAR Eagle Motif

3-D Quilt of Valor coming off frame
It has been a true honor and pleasure for me to quilt this awesome Quilt of Valor.  I was more than happy to see it arrive, and even happier to see it finished and ready to leave ;-).

UPDATE 2/24/2014:  Just got word from the creator, Irene, of this amazing QOV - it has arrived safe & sound, ALL ready for binding and it's Quilt of Valor label!  Thank YOU, Irene - 'we' did a good thing ;-)

For now, time to get back to the FUN...


  1. Beautiful! When you use the laser from the front, what are you setting the paper patterns on? I haven't tried this yet but want to soon. Thanks!

    1. Hi Katy,
      Thanks! I use the pattern port from Bayside Quilting w/paper patterns and laser. Originally, I made my own w/Plexiglas, Velcro and curtain rods, but I kept having problems getting it to lay straight and fit in between my poles. Apparently, I didn't get the Plexiglas cut to the right length.

      Finally in frustration, I ordered the Pattern Port as a New Year's present to myself ;-) - the direct link is included in a caption above, and I LOVE it! They only have a few left, I ordered the size for the APQS Ultimate I, and it fits on my studio frame perfectly. I will be using this ALOT now, especially w/new panto SOAR - it is beautiful! Urban Elementz and Professional Quilt Artist, Kimmy Brunner did a spectacular job on this panto and its corresponding elements. Since I belong to the monthly Essential Elementz Club from Urban Elementz, I got it at a great discount last month and can hardly wait to use it in additional upcoming Veteran and Quilts of Valor quilts.

      Hope that helps - Happy Quilting!

  2. Another winner! I've only used my laser a few times and it is fun. Never have done a pantograph - most of what I do is simply free hand. You do such nice work, Deb. I need to come visit so you can teach me a thing or two, or three or ..... :-)

    1. Hey Miss Katie,
      So nice to see/hear from you again - Thank YOU for all your kind words. ANYTIME you want to come for a visit, you know you are more than Welcome. I know we would have such a blast together quilting and sewing and... ;-) I'll bet you could teach me a thing or 2 or 3 yourself, you are soooo creative!

      Please stop by again soon,