Monday, February 13, 2017

Quilting Catch-up on Quilts of Valor w/Updates!

The weather has cleared, the snow has melted on the 37 quilting studio's time to quilt!  Been needing to get several Quilts of Valor quilted for quite awhile now, and this weekend provided that opportunity to get started.

The first in the QOV line-up, is a Land Of The Free quilt top that came to us via the Quilts of Valor Stars Facebook Group.  We added a final patriotic border, backing and started quilting!

Land Of The Free Quilt of Valor coming off the frame
Because this quilt contained several borders which provided multiple quilting application treatments, we go to apply several different quilting aspects, which turned out quite well, we think:

Multiple border treatments
We used one of our very favorite quilting applications, McTavishing in the outer, patriotic border, ruler work in the navy border, toothpick quilting in the red/white/blue star border, crazy 8's in the RED border and another favorite - our continuous fireworks/Jamie Wallen swirls in the gold border. Applying quilting to each of these borders was Fast & FUN - two of our favorite freehand quilting requirements!

Some close-ups:

Border quilting w/Star quilting

McTavishing and Ruler work
And the back - I always enjoy looking at the back when the quilting is complete:

Back of quilt

Once bound/labeled and a QOV Presentation has been created, we will be awarding this Quilt of Valor to a Warrior coming off the battlefield overseas...Thank You to EVERYONE who helped make this Quilt of Valor possible.  This Quilt of Valor is one of five that our East Central IL QOV group is making ready to ship to our overseas Warriors.

Another QOV that just came off the frame, quilted so quickly I only took one photo.  It's panto quilted in the interior with Dave Hudson's Random Stars w/McTavishing in the borders:

This quilt top was donated to our East Central IL QOV group to be quilted/bound/labeled and awarded to one of our overseas Warriors by the Comfort Quilters of St. Joseph...Thanks, Donna G!

Speaking of the Comfort Quilters, we have another of their gorgeous Quilts of Valor currently on the frame getting quilted - the 'Uncle Sam' QOV.  Pics will be forthcoming 'soon'.

And here it is ALL quilted out and coming off the frame:

Uncle Sam QOV coming off the frame

A few quilting close-ups:

Becker's Star Panto quilting

Taping off Uncle Sam's beard to prevent 'quilting' it -
blue Painter's Tape worked great!

Border quilting - didn't this turn out neat?!

Time for more quilting!


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  1. You're a busy lady! it's always nice to see your work. Thanks for the photos!