Wednesday, July 31, 2013

QFC SewFest Quilt Tops Arrive - ALL ready to be quilted...!

Look what the mailman brought to me today from those amazing Quilters for Comfort (QFC) quilt ladies!

It's just like Christmas for me - to get a box FULL of quilt tops ALL ready to be quilted... aren't these gorgeous?!
Can you believe what these ladies can get done in just ONE week at a SewFest quilting retreat?!?
And you're only seeing the 'tip' of the quilting top(s) iceberg - last year, they did over 30 tops, and this year...even more...the numbers are STILL coming in!!  Way to Go Ladies!!!
And now for my part in this quilting extravaganza - to finish these gorgeous tops with glorious quilting I always say...

Time to get back to it!

PS...want to see some of what we accomplished in 2012, then follow these direct links:  SewFest 2012, More SewFest 2102, and finally even MORE SewFest 2012 ;-)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Finishing Up the first of the QBBs...

Just putting the finishing touches on the first of 10 Quilts Beyond Borders quilts I am currently working on:

Vining quilt on the left, 'swirl quilt' on the right
Swirl quilt getting 'swirl quilted' w/HQ groovy boards - LOVE this look!

Back of Swirls

I really had FUN quilting these swirls w/HQ Groovy boards and will definitely use these again in future quilts.  I like how once you get everything lined up, there's really not much to stress about, just keep that stylus 'in the groove'...;-)

Attaching the double-fold binding to the back

All finished up and ready to ship w/first two
I will be shipping the first 4 out the beginning of the week, and continue to work on the remaining quilts...
Sooo, like I always say...Time to get back to the FUN!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Quilts Beyond Borders coming along...

Just an update on where I am w/Quilts Beyond Borders quilts - two of them got ALL feathered out and are completely quilted/bound/labeled:

Attaching the binding

           Blind stitching the front binding in place

                                                                                                    Back of binding w/corner

Both feathered quilts all finished up w/binding/quilt label

Backs of both feathered quilts - 
not too bad and had a blast quilting these all-over freehand feathers ;-)

And now to finish up the 'vining' blue quilt and the swirl quilt - only 1 1/2 more passes and I'm finished!

Time to get back to it...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dr. Who...?

So what do you do at 3:00 am when time is running out and you need something really cool for the super-neat DGD whose going off to camp in a few hours and what you'd originally planned has not panned out?  Well you whip up some super-quick/super-cool substitutes...Dr. Who pillow cases anyone...?

Ran a Google search for 'Dr. Who embroidery designs' and Tammi D. of Small Town Embroidery popped up w/10 Dr. Who digital embroidery designs in 3 different sizes -PERFECT!

I only had time to make two Dr. Who embroidered pillow cases:

but I think they turned out pretty cool, don't you?

Even managed to finish up a vintage quilt w/cats for her to take along - should work as a great camp quilt substitute until the Dr. Who fabric arrives to make the original quilt I intended ;-)  She seemed pleased and surprised, since she didn't know what I'd been up to - I got TWO HUGE hugs for my surprise efforts, that's ALWAYS the best part!

Happy Camping to ALL you campers out there... and especially to my very favorite DGD!!!
~Deb aka 'Grammy' ;-)

Monday, July 8, 2013

My Frame is FULL!

Received my box of quilt tops from Quilts Beyond Borders and decided to get them ALL loaded:

4 quilts on my frame at the same time - it's FULL!

I've had two quilts loaded at the same time, but never FOUR - that's my All-time record ;-)  And for a good cause, no less.  Quilts Beyond Borders is a great program run by some really wonderful people, and one I urge anyone interested in making quilts for kids, and/or even quilt tops, to give them a good long look.

I practiced my feathers on the first two quilt tops and was having soooo much FUN making feathers I forgot to stop long enough to take pics!  (I'll be sure and snap a few when I finish up and unroll to take them off the frame and post w/updates ;-)

Did have to stop quilting in the wee hours of the monrin' and that's when it occurred to me to take some photos prior to turning in:

               Aren't those some neat chickens?

Having so much FUN with this continuous freehand vining leaf pattern I took from the quilt top itself:

Using a variegated So Fine 40 wt. Walkabout green needle thread, which is quilting out great!

Thinking about using a spiral quilting pattern in the other quilt top but for now, like I always say...

Time to get back to the FUN!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Let Freedom Ring...!

CELEBRATE Independence!

Sit back and Enjoy ;-)

Happy 4th EVERYONE!