Monday, November 28, 2016

Clue #1 of our En Provence Mystery is HERE!

The first clue of our En Provence Mystery has been released and we're off to the sewing races...yippee!

And this is what resulted - LOTS of neutral 4-Patches:

Neutral 4-patches from Clue #1 of our Mystery

These 4-patches came out great via Bonnie's explicit instructions w/NO pinning!

Chain piecing the 4-patches w/NO pinning!

And several hours of piecing later:

ALL the 4-patches are sewn and ready to 'twist'

Once the sewing and 'snipping' are complete, time to twist & press:

Pressing is good ;-)

All tucked away, ready for Clue #2:

Clue #1 tucked safely away

And that, as they say, is that for Clue #1!

If you'd like to see what EVERYONE else is up to, including getting to view ALL their yummy fabrics, just follow this direct link:

Back to quilting!


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En Provence FINISH!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

It's Almost HERE!

Yes - I'm not ONLY talking about Thanksgiving, I'm also referring to the annual Bonnie K. Hunter Mystery...Yippee!!!

And this year, it's:

Every year for the past several years, our fearless Mystery Leader, Bonnie, shares a Quilt Mystery with us - an original quilt pattern designed by her and released with each clue, that she shares w/ALL us faithful quilt followers for FREE for a limited time.  The first Clue will be released on Black Friday, as it has been since the inception of this exciting Quiltville Mystery.

Bonnie generously gives us time to assemble the necessary Mystery Quilt fabrics well in advance of this annual mystery start.  Here's a pic of mine:

Mystery fabrics chosen!

Most of the year, Miss Betty & I spend a considerable amount of time creating gifts and volunteering our time to create and quilt for several worthwhile projects, including Quilts of Valor.  We are honored to do this incredible volunteer work for such a worthy cause.  In November we have already quilted almost twenty (20) QOVs and counting, and over one-hundred for this year of 2016.  While we feel so fortunate to be able to participate in such an important venture, we take time each year to sharpen our quilting saw and refresh our creative spirit.

Bonnie's annual Mystery fills the bill and then some in allowing us some much-needed quilting 'down time', and most importantly - this quilt mystery helps keep us from turning into a Quilting Grinch!

Don't turn into a Quilting Grinch - join in ALL the Mystery FUN!

To join in ALL our annual Quiltville Mystery FUN, it's NOT too late...just follow this direct web link for ALL the Mystery details: 

Time to finish putting up that Christmas Tree so we won't miss a minute of our Quilt Mystery!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Why I Stand - 2016 Veteran's Day

A Tribute to Honor our Veteran's and Service Members on Veteran's Day:

Thank YOU.

May God Bless the USA on this, Our Veteran's Day.