Thursday, December 29, 2016

Catching Up On En Provence!

Finally!  Been so busy w/holidays AND the flu, just now had the time and energy to get caught up...and just in time, 'cause tomorrow brings another En Provence Mystery Clue!

Clue #5 hot off the sewing machine, freshly pressed and ready to bag:

Clue #5 of En Provence ALL finished and ready to bag & tag!

I took advantage of the SNS method to create the HSTs needed for Clue #5 - primarily because I was in a hurry and this seems to be the very fastest method for me.

For those familiar with this method, strips of various sizes are cut, sewn & pressed:

 and cut again to create the desired results:

Strips sewn/pressed/trimmed and cut into HSTs

Prior to finishing up Clue #5, had previous other Mystery Clues to catch-up on, including Clue #3 - had only completed half of that clue sooo, had to get busy and finish!

Second half of Clue #3 - 'twisted' and ready for pressing
Clue #3 is ALL sewn/twisted/pressed and in the bag w/tags.  Apparently, I was in such a hurry to get to Clues #4 & 5, I forgot to take pics!  I'll get those later ;-)

It's later - here you go:

Bagged/tagged Clue #3

And for Clue #4 - you may remember me griping about having to do 'another' of these particular clues, since we also did a similar block unit with Clue #2...well, NO more!  Now that my AccuQuilt Go die arrived for this clue, I'm Golden!

Sewing these beauties after being perfectly cut by my Go! is a piece-o-cake - check out this perfection:

Perfectly cut pieces are now a joy to sew, thanks to my AccuQuilt Go!

Whipped these Purple/Neutral babies out in NO time!
How gorgeous are these purple/neutral sweeties aka 'peaky & spike':

Clue #4...DONE!
And very little pruning was required.  I'm sold!  I will NEVER hand cut peaky and spike blocks again, now that I have my AccuQuilt Go! and the necessary die #55027...what a time/lifesaver!!  I know it's showing up currently as on backorder, that's what it said when I first ordered BUT, it came in 2 weeks later soooo, IF you're interested, have faith because this die is so worth it.

To see what EVERYONE else is up to and doing with our En Provence Mystery, just follow this simple link:

Time to get ALL the Mystery Clues bagged up, put away and ready for Friday and Clue #6...


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