Sunday, December 11, 2016

En Provence - rolling Merrily Along...

We're up to Clue #3 of our En Provence Mystery by Bonnie K. Hunter, and it's a re-visit of Clue #1...check it out:

Lilacs & PURPLE 4-Patches...FUN!
Yep, we get to sew 4-Patches in lilacs and PURPLE - my Mom's very favorite color.  How fitting, since I decided to create this Mystery in her honor and as a tribute to her life.  I bet she is lovn' ALL these yummy PURPLES!

Chain piecing these lovelies was simply a Joy!

And there's plenty more where those came from:

LOTS of twosies to be sewn into 4 Patches
Once the sewing is complete - once again, time to do the twist ;-)

4 Patches know just how to twist, which creates another 4 patch in miniature...too cute!

And don't they ALL look loverly:

Clue #3 lilac and PURPLE 4 Patches

This is only half of what we need.  I'm digging through a NEW-found tub of fabrics that has some neat PURPLES.  Going to cut some of those to go with.  I'll finish and post an update when I do. Right now, fighting a bit of a cold/flu...time for some herbal tea!

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  1. Deb...enjoy that cup of tea and admire what you have completed so far. What a wonderful lasting tribute to your mom ♥