Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Quilting the Purple Heart QOV

This very special Purple Heart Quilt of Valor was started several months ago, The Flight of the Eagle - and now it's time to quilt it.  But first, a Purple Heart embroidered quilt badge to carry on with all those embroidered eagle and Lady Liberty quilt blocks:

Purple Heart embroidered badge
This very special QOV kept Miss Betty & I on our toes, wondering exactly 'how' we would quilt each aspect of it.  We had most of the quilting design elements pre-determined however, there were a few areas we weren't quite sure how to approach from a quilting standpoint.  Once we got it loaded onto the quilt frame, and started quilting, ideas and solutions started to materialize and we thoroughly enjoyed quilting this wonderful Quilt of Valor.

Here are a few photos of our progress:

Quilting the center medallion Eagle

Piano key border w/stipple quilting in this particular embroidered quilt block
I used one of my favorite templates, the Quilter's Groove Pro Line™ ruler by Lisa Calle...worked great to help me get those perfectly straight piano key lines:

Quilter's Groove Pro Line™ ruler by Lisa Calle to quilt straight lines

Most of the embroidered blocks received McTavish quilting to give the Eagle flight and movement. For those blocks requiring more highlighting and 'quietness', they received stipple quilting.

McTavish quilting to create movement and flight for this embroidered eagle

ALL finished and ready to be awarded to the Purple Heart Veteran it was created for

I have to say - quilting this Flight of the Eagle Quilt of Valor originally posed a bit of a challenge for this quilter, but once Miss Betty and I were underway quilting, we really enjoyed quilting it, especially the center medallion Eagle.  We spent more than 6 hours layering in our last cone of LAVA Diamond Head quilting thread to enhance the eagle's features, especially his beautiful feathers. 

We used a complimentary gold thread on the red backing as well, which created a secondary quilting design for the QOV recipient.  We were in such a rush to finish, we didn't capture any additional photos.  Those in attendance at the awarding of this Purple Heart Quilt of Valor did indeed take several photos.  When/IF we receive any of those, we'll be more than happy to update this posting and share ;-)

This Quilt of Valor was awarded to a very special Purple Heart Vietnam Veteran and a relative of this blogger. It was my supreme pleasure to add unique design elements to an already amazing QOV quilt pattern, then create and quilt it, and to ultimately be honored to award this Quilt of Valor to such a wonderful Veteran.

A Big Thank YOU goes out to this Purple Heart Quilt of Valor recipient and ALL our Veterans whom have served and sacrificed for our Freedoms.

My Best,

PS...to see how this Quilt of Valor was originally created, Please follow this direct blog link:

UPDATE 2/23/2016:  Just received this wonderful Thank You card from this Purple Heart Quilt of Valor Award Recipient:

Front of Purple Heart QOV Thank You card

It was a true privilege to create and quilt this Purple Heart Quilt of Valor for this very deserving Vietnam Veteran...Thank YOU!

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