Monday, December 28, 2015

On to Clue #5 of Allietare!

While I still have plenty to finish on Clue #4, wanted to get as much done on Clue #5 of Bonnie Hunter's Allietare Mystery so once completed, could go back and 'catch-up' on Clue #4!

The first part of Clue #5 getting ready to be assembled for Allietare #2,
a 2016 Fundraiser for our East Central IL QOV Group ;-)
Allietare #1, the one I'm keeping for me is waiting in the wings, waiting to be sewn into the necessary units:

HSTs from Clue #1, will now be used for Clue #5 of Allietare #1, ready and waiting
try saying that twice w/white chocolate in your mouth ;-)  Typing it was challenging enough!
Chain piecing these units is a breeze - especially with the great pressing instructions Bonnie gave us, they nest perfectly!

Chain piecing the HST units, they nest perfectly together w/Bonnie's pressing instructions
I have plenty to finish up to keep me busy for the rest of the day during this monsoon season we are determined to have in our MidWestern part of the country ;-).  We're currently under flood warnings until tomorrow afternoon.  Luckily our house is on high ground.  Much of our farm ground will soon be under water but, since it's not time to plant, not much of an issue for now.  Only the roads will be impassable for the time being.  A good time to sew/quilt!

Prayers for those tornado victims and their families to the south of us. The pics have been heart-breaking.

To see what ALL the other Allietare Mystery quilters are up to, Please follow this direct web link:

UPDATE 12/29/2015 - Finished up the first part of Clue #5 for Allietare #2:

The first part of Clue #5 for Allietare #2 complete!
Finished the second part of Clue #5 for BOTH Allietares:

Second part of Clue #5 for Allietare #1 - denoted w/light gray constant

Allietare #2 w/darker gray - Second part of Clue #5 Finished!
Now to finish up the first part of Clue #5 for Allietare #1 in the lighter gray ;-)

UPDATE 01/02/2016 - Clue #5 is now complete for BOTH Allietares!

Clue #5 ALL done for Allietare #1!
Now to go back and finish Clue #4 for BOTH Allietares ;-)

Time to get back to it.  Take care EVERYONE and stay safe!

Let the Allietare Mystery of 2015 Begin
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  1. 2 quilts = a lot of HST. LOL you a very a brave quilter and deserve all the white (or colour of your choice) chocolate you want!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I have to admit to over-indulging on those white chocolate Reese cup Christmas tress, one of my very favorite seasonal chocolate treats. As soon as I finish up Clue #5, I'm treating myself to just one more ;-)

      Happy Quilting!

  2. My seams nest allright but yet they are bulky! Both your quilts are going to be awesome!