Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Off and Sewing on Clue #2 of the Allietare MQ

Running a bit late w/my date for Clue #2 of the Allietare Mystery Quilt of Bonnie Hunter's.  Had a previous Quilt of Valor deadline that had to be met prior to getting to resume sewing on this mystery. You'll be happy to know, Miss Betty & I met our deadline and now, let the sewing/pressing/trimming resume!

Both Clue #2 sets of Allietares have one side sewn,
just starting to sew the second side.
We'll trim and press EVERYTHING once ALL the sewing is complete!

Sewing the diagonal w/offset needle position on Ruby Sue - works great!

Chain piecing those Santa Hats is the ONLY way to go on this Mystery ;-)

Since you'll remember, we are creating not one but TWO Allietare's - one for yours truly, YES, I'm actually keeping one this year, and the second for a 2016 fund-raiser for our East Central IL QOV Group.

We're keeping this posting short - time to get back to the business of Clue #2 of the Allietare MQ.

To see what ALL the other Allietare Mystery Quilt participants are up to, Please follow this direct web link:

Time to get back to the Allietare MQ FUN!

UPDATE 12/10/2015: First set of 'Santa Hats' complete:

Fist set of Clue #2 - Santa Hats ;-)
Back to finishing up the second set...

UPDATE 12/12/2015 - Second set of Santa Hats complete!

Second set of Santa Hats from Clue #2 - FINISHED!
On to Clue #3!


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