Saturday, May 11, 2013

Problem Child is off the Frame...!

Just took 'The Problem Child', aka Pinked Out in Wonky Denim off the frame, and I'm more than pleasantly surprised at just how good it looks:

Ready for binding & quilt label...Yes!

Here are a couple of close-ups, including one of the back 

(I love looking at the backs of people's quilts, now ;-)

Alrighty then - I'm off for some shut-eye so I can finish the binding and label first thing in the morning...

UPDATE:  5/12/2013:  Pics of the finished "Pinked Out in Wonky Denim" prior to shipping:

White feather/swirl border using denim/pink variegated So Fine

I 'borrowed' the border treatment application from Professional Quilt Artist, Myrna Ficken and her DVD, "Just Do It II - Borders, Sashings & More".  I call it alternating feathers & swirls, can't remember what Myrna calls it, but it worked great in this quilt's border, don't you think?

QFC Quilt  Label                       .

Finished quilt - bound/labeled and freshly laundered  - 
ready to be shipped to the intended ;-)

UPDATE 5/16/2013:  The Problem Child Quilt, aka 'Pinked Out in Wonky Denim' arrived safe and sound to a fellow QFC member who will present ALL of our groups' donated quilts in July to a Women's Shelter - I feel very fortunate and honored to have played a small part in this group effort.


 "It's not a quilt 'til it's quilted...!"


  1. Great job, as always. Love the way you did the block centers.

    1. Thank YOU, Miss Katie - WHEW! glad this one turned out 'cause it's for QFC! Didn't want to say so unless I could pull this off. I had another one in the wings that would work, but it was just barely big enough and I really didn't think it quite suited the intended cause - seemed more 'male appropriate. Now this one, seems more 'girly' to me. If I have time after binding/laundering/labeling, I'm thinking about adding some 'hot pink' fabric paint to the feather motifs in the white brder like Irena Bluhm does to some of her quilts - we'll see. For now, more sewing of the border is needed ;-)

  2. Way to go Deb!!! This is one quilt which will go out with lots of love considering all you had to do to finish this. The quilting looks great. Thanks for sharing the progress and finish.
    ~Christina in Cleveland

    1. Thanks Christina! I sure hope the intended enjoys it half as much as I enjoyed/worried over quilting it. Glad you enjoyed this roller coaster of a quilting ride with us ;-)

      Please stop back by for a visit anytime...