Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bow Ties make a Surprise Come-back...

750 needed for the quilt I'm making...still have a ways to go!

I needed a little break-y break, (Thank YOU, Christian S.), from 'The Problem Child', so decided to pull-out those bow ties I had stashed/stored awhile back while working on the Hurricane Sandy Relief Quilts and Easy Street - which is still in storage 'somewhere' waiting to be relocated into the new quilting studio, just as soon as the storage/book cases are complete.  Until then, I needed a little sewing/piecing stress buster, and I knew the bow ties would be just the ticket since all I have to do is cut/sew/press, etc.  No over-thinking, just doing!

This was originally one of Bonnie K. Hunter's leaders and enders projects, the cheddar bow tie challenge, which for me has gotten stalled out a bit but still progressing, albeit somewhat slowly, but indeed surely!

Aren't these just the cutest?!

And for now, time to finish up sewing so I can finish up quilting The Problem Child aka 'Pinked Out in Wonky Denim' ;-)



  1. 750? What size are these units? I guess the better question is what size is the finished quilt to be?
    I wanted to do some 'mindless' sewing today and ended up with a quilt on the frame ... go figure.

    1. Hey Miss Katie - My blocks will finish at 4" in the quilt, sooo I decided my quilt size would be 100" x 120" which means I need 25 blocks wide and 30 blocks long = 750 total blocks! I'm about halfway there ;-) What quilt ended up on your frame?