Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blocks for 'Quilts for Boston' DONE!

I decided to finish up the modern quilt blocks I committed to for the 'Quilts for Boston' project - should've had them finished up last week but my cold/flu from h#$ll decided to make a re-visit, (my deepest sympathy/empathy to ANYONE who has had to suffer through this one!), and I needed to do something productive after having been flat on my back for more than 3 days so...decided to get with it and get these done, the laundry could wait.

Quilts for Boston

Have you ever been a bit stymied on how to finish a project, (and maybe that's why you haven't finished it ;-), especially if you aren't quite sure which/what fabrics you think should be used and where, which block-style, blah, blah, blah.  I think that's where I've been with this project, too.  I'd already made my embroidery/block decisions, digitized them, and finalized my thread choices but what fabrics?

Finally just went up to the quilting studio, (I hadn't been up there for 3 days, didn't know if I could climb the stairs, but the golden bears/retrievers were convinced with their help I could do it - their idea of 'helping' is to run up in front of me, stand on the stairs and block my passage until they are petted an unbelievably L - O - N - G time!  At least they still have lots of their winter coat left, it's great for grabbing a tuft and having them pull me along...)

While they were outside guarding the door (to make sure I didn't make a secret exit without petting them), and after scrubbing my hands and arms to the elbows from ALL that petting, (I knew I had to have a bathroom in this studio for a very good reason!), I started rummaging through some of my stash that STILL isn't put away - and YES, I'm using my recent illness as the excuse, and stumbled across a box of patriotic fabrics that had been sent to me by those wonderful ladies at Quilters for Comfort (QFC) and down in the bottom of the box was a bright, sunny yellow peaking out at me - perfect!  Along with it came a beautiful blue, Boston Blue - I could not believe my luck and don't EVER remember seeing these fabrics before.  I don't think they'll mind too much if I use a few of these scraps for these blocks, especially if I agree to quilt a quilt or two for them in the very near future ;-).

But no time to waste 'cause the wind had picked up - the horrific storms that had hit Oklahoma earlier in the day were headed our way, my thoughts/tears/prayers have been with those unfortunate souls since watching the unbelievable events unfold all afternoon on Monday.  I haven't cried that much since the Boston bombing...so much tragedy in our world right now, too much.

I got back to the house just in time before the storm hit - my golden bears huddled next to the back porch door under the cover of the roof and we watched it come in together.  We were soooo lucky, lots of wind and some rain, but nothing near what hit earlier in the day at those unfortunate towns and surrounding areas.  I don't know that I'll ever be able to get those images out of my head, they play over and over and over.

I decided to stop thinking and start doing.  Went back into the house after most of the storm had passed and felt confident the dogs were safe and bedded down for the night, and that we wouldn't lose our power so I could run my machines to finish up this project, and I got busy.

The first of the 4 embroidered Quilts for Boston blocks:

                                                                              Adding the embellishment stitches

Finished Blocks
Ready to be pressed

All finished up, pressed and ready for shipping!

If you hurry, you still have time to make a quick block and donate - details here:  http://bostonmqg.blogspot.com/p/quilts-for-boston.html

UPDATE 5/24/2013: 'Quilts for Boston' Blocks delivered - just in the nick of time...Whew!

And as a final reward to myself for finishing another project, I ordered some additional Moda Good Morning pink fabrics - I'm going to need them for 'Good Morning II'.  I'm confident there may be a young girl in Oklahoma who might just love to have a bright new quilt for her room...

If you would like to help those in need in Moore, Oklahoma - Mission of Love has just started a new project aptly named, For the Love of Moore.  ALL details can be found here:  http://www.missionoflove.org/.  I know where Betty & I will be sending our 'Good Morning II' quilt, how 'bout you?



  1. Nice blocks, Deb. I did not know you did digitizing as well! What a talented lady you are.
    Somehow I missed the blocks for Boston donation... But I'm with you on the OK disaster - QFC has a few members from there and I have family in Tulsa and in Missouri, so I worry until all is well with them and then pray for those who lost so much. Cathy & I will be discussing what QFC can do to help those in the OK region. And as for using fabrics sent to you... We always know you will put them to good use one way or another. Glad you found what you needed :-)
    Cathy & I appreciate all you do for QFC. It wouldn't be possible without the wonderful members such as you.
    I do hope you're feeling better and regaining strength. I had that nasty cold but was fortunate enough to miss the flu part!

    1. Thank YOU, Miss Kate - you ALWAYS say the nicest things!!!

      My Best to You and Your Family this week,

    2. ...And Miss Katie, just re-read your post - I will gladly donate a bright, sunny quilt to QFC (found some more fabrics that will work beautifully ;-), and quilt another for someone who gets a top done, just let me know when/where and I'm there for you guys, you know that!