Tuesday, March 27, 2012

1st Signs of Spring - Green Grass and the Geese have Arrived...!

I heard a terrible commotion Sunday morning while getting ready to go help my youngest daughter move (for the third day ;-) - I ran outside to see what was going on and to my surprise a small group of geese had landed on our pond!  I watched in amazement for awhile as they swam around squawking and honking and giving my golden bears (retrievers) quite a start until it occurred to me to snap a few quick photos:

There were 5 geese total and they were rather large...

2 golden bears (retrievers ;-) and 5 geese a-swimming!

My golden bears were quite perplexed by the geese and didn't know if they should bark at them or go into the pond after them:

And I noticed in these photos just how GREEN our grass is - in March, no less!  Don't think I've ever seen it this green this time of year AND, we had to mow... what is the world coming to - Spring ;-)?

Well, once again - time to get back to it...moving that is...


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