Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bow Ties UPDATE...

I'm up to 39 Bow Tie blocks and counting:

I LOVE making these - aren't they cute?!

AND, my 30s reproduction jelly roll arrive (the one I HAD to purchase @ 1:00 am - remember...?when I couldn't dig through my stash because it was holed up w/hubs in the bedroom where he was sleeping)  Anyway, the new 'roll' is awesome:

Can hardly wait to start in on this one!

What yummy colors - I know what I'm doing this afternoon...

This jelly roll arrived the morning 'after' I had spent three 14 hour days moving the youngest daughter into her first house from an apartment.  Needless to say, it was a very Welcome site!  I still have a few sets of curtains to make/hang since the previous sets don't fit the new windows - surprise!  And there's a desk arriving over the next couple of days that yours truly will no doubt get the honor of assembling but that's OK - I've got a few hours to myself with my new jelly roll and my new-ish quilting machine.

Speaking of which, I've managed to get in some stress-buster quilting, not too bad - I think I may be improving a bit:

This pre-marked quilt top was the best thing I've ever tried for practicing!

The great thing about the pre-marked top is that I have no choice in what I must quilt, that's already been pre-determined for me, so I must in turn practice that type of quilting without avoidance if I want to move on to the next section of the quilt, it works for me.  

I've found I actually do better without the stitch regulator - now I just have to learn how to make those curves smooth and consistent - with lots more PRACTICE!  Which is just fine with me since I have lots of excuses to practice stemming from lots of STRESS ;-)

Getting better and my back-tracking has improved alot! But see the 'squiggle' to the right on that feather, that's where my carriage keeps wobbling - need to figure out how to fix this because it's done it several times throughout this quilt in the same spot of the frame...ugh!  I've cleaned tracks on the frame and carriage,  oiled EVERYTHING, checked wheel rotation and contact, you name it and I cannot seem to find the culprit.  The wheels, carriage and track are ALL new upgrades within the past few weeks - go figure?!

I have also learned how to keep consistent tension on my quilt in each individual section I'm quilting on.  In fact, some of the tools I made early on that have never before been used are now being incorporated into this practice quilt:

This is a Sharon Schamber original idea that I tweaked ;-), works great!

I love just about everything Sharon Shamber, especially watching her do feathers in fast motion - what a trip that is.  Check this out: 

 (Please X off the short ad for a bigger view, AND I am NOT affiliated in any way - shape or form ;-)

Alrighty then, time to get back to those Bow Ties and a little practicing if I'm ever to do feathers in slow motion let alone FAST! ;-)


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