Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bow Ties can be Addictive!

So I mentioned in yesterday's post that I was making Bonnie Hunter's cheddar Bow Tie - Leaders and Enders challenge (from 2011), while my baby quilt blocks were getting embroidered.  Somehow, I got really into making these Bow Tie blocks and the next thing I knew it was 1:00 AM and I was still planning and plotting my next Bow Tie blocks, coordinating fabrics, etc.  I ended up with 18 blocks and counting!  Here's what I have so far:

These are Rosie's 1930s Reproduction fabrics - I like these alot!

And since I decided I did like these repros sooo much, I've also decided the entire quilt will now be made w/only 1930s Reproduction fabrics if/when possible (may have to insert some of today's unbleached muslin for lights, we'll see, along w/cheddar) so of course, I really didn't want to try and dig through an entire stash @ 1:00 AM that is mostly in storage bins in the master bedroom where the hubs was sleeping and/or storage facilities, I broke down and ordered one (1) 1930s Reproduction jelly roll.  It's not enough, mind you, to complete the entire quilt, but is enough to get me really started until I can get ALL my fabrics organized and processed so I can at least find them and use them in a decent amount of time - rather than 2 - 3 days/weeks!

And I did find a partially used jelly roll from another project (the Orca Bay Mystery quilt challenge that I have to wait to finish until my studio is completed - I do have ALL the blocks sewn together but, there's just too many parts, my design wall is in storage and I don't have enough space to spread out and assemble right now, I need much smaller projects for now) and I can use these strips for the time being until my other fabric roll arrives:

These will look fabulous w/cheddar!

Since I want to keep a nice balance, will try and use equal amounts of lights and darks to help the Bow Ties light up - what FUN!  I haven't enjoyed myself this much in weeks and I don't think I realized just how stressed out I've become with everything going on - needless to say, the only downside is these Bow Ties can be Addictive!  I found myself waking up this morning w/Bow Ties on the brain ;-).

I did some quick math and this is what I came up with:  My blocks will finish at 4" in the quilt sooo I decided my quilt size would be 100" x 120" which means I need 25 blocks wide and 30 blocks long = 750 total blocks! 

4" x 25 = 100" wide,  4" x 30 = 120" long, 
25 blocks wide x 30 blocks long = 750 total blocks! 

Oh boy, I thought 18 blocks was pretty good until I did that math BUT, there's no embroidery or top-stitching or crazy quilting or intricate piecing or applique involved in finishing each block.  Like Bonnie mentions in her instructions - only 5 seams are needed to create a single block so these cheddar Bow Ties should whip up fairly quickly.  

I got to where I was chain piecing them pretty fast and on my cutting I soon discovered I can get ten (10) 2 1/2" squares and ten (10) 1 1/2" squares out of one 44/45" jelly roll strip with selvages removed leaving a little extra...just in case...  Of course, I also need 2 1/2" cheddar squares so I just cut them out of 2 1/2" strips folded in half until I get what I need.

Cheddar fabric w/1930s Reproduction strip and Creative Grids ruler

Since I have a 2 1/2" wide ruler from Creative Grids, the cutting is a No-Brainer - this works great for me right now because I really don't have to think too much about what I'm cutting, just stay safe w/rotary cutter and cut and cut and cut and then sew and sew and sew - this is FUN! and a great stress buster for me, too ;-)

I LOVE this 2 1/2" x 12" Creative Grids ruler and use it ALL the time!

The downside is, the youngest daughter's dresser is still in the same stages of construction that it was yesterday, which means it's barely started.  But like I told her - the chest is completely DONE!  What can one expect w/cheap labor aka F R E E?!  

And I really do need to stay rested up for the big move this weekend and ready and armed to hang 12 sets of curtains/drapes along with shelving units for two bedrooms and an office - Hello, can anyone say - I'm tired just thinking about it.  

It will get done, it always does.  In fact, I may just take a break from my Bow Ties and go work on her dresser for awhile, especially since the heat wave in our area has finally decided to move on/out for a bit - Thank Goodness!   My garage is un-air conditioned and was getting toasty yesterday with our 85+ degree temps...

Speaking of which - should probably get to it ;-)


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